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Updates #70

Updates #70 1. Letter: Put public transport back on track (The Star) – J. D. Lovrenciar of KL calls for improvements to public transport to reduce commute times & stress & improve quality of life. 2. Letter: Make cycling a way of life (The Star) – Dr. A. Soorian of Seremban calls for improvements to […]

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Why are men using ‘women-only coaches’? And is it so wrong? (Update #1)

Updated with a new ‘investigative’ feature from the Star Metro news team! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page) TRANSIT noted this recent article which complains that male passengers are still using the ‘women-only’ coaches on the KTM Komuter trains. TRANSIT now has to wonder – what is it that is happening here? With […]

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Updates #68

Updates #68 1. Letter: Upgrade facilities at stations now (The Star) – Lena Lim of Seremban complains about the inadequate facilities at the LRT and Komuter stations at the Bandar Tasik Selatan interchange. 2. Article: Homeless show their usefulness (The Star) – 22 homeless persons engaged in a gotong-royong community cleanup at the Klang Bus […]

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KTM Update: Allegations of corruption in Komuter ticketing revamp

TRANSIT noted the recent allegations of corruption in the revamp of the KTM Komuter ticketing system, and recent news reports that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was investigating KTMB. The company that was awarded the tender was alleged to be “inexperienced and underqualified” [TRANSIT: As if that has never happened before in Malaysia. Just look […]