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Updates #68

Updates #68

1. Letter: Upgrade facilities at stations now (The Star) – Lena Lim of Seremban complains about the inadequate facilities at the LRT and Komuter stations at the Bandar Tasik Selatan interchange.

2. Article: Homeless show their usefulness (The Star) – 22 homeless persons engaged in a gotong-royong community cleanup at the Klang Bus Stand recently.

TRANSIT: Apparently, we can assume (based on the headline) that homeless persons can be useful. We’re not proud of the tone of the article but it is public transport related.

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3. Article: Dedicated bus lane here to stay (The Star) – information on continued plans to improve Nadi Putra public transport services in Putrajaya.

TRANSIT: And no, they have not forgotten the obligatory plea to get the monorail project restarted again.

4. Article: Six hurt and others injured as bus crashes in NSE ditch (The Star) – Six passengers of an express bus were slightly injured when the vehicle they were travelling in crashed and landed in a ditch on the North-South Expressway (NSE).

5. Article: Zambri and Co get a ‘rail view’ of ETS (The Star) – Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir gave state officials and journalists a “rail view” of developments along the Ipoh-Tanjung Malim route of the electric train service (ETS).

6. Article: RM120m Rapid boost for Penang public transport (Business Times) – PUBLIC transport in Penang is expected to get a RM120 million boost this year, via Rapid Penang’s new depots, hubs, terminals and buses. 400 jobs are expected to be created.

7. Letter: Set up pool of women cabbies (The Star) – Y.S. Chan of KL comments on the proposal for a taxi service ‘for women, by women’.

8. Article: Report ready soon on rail link to Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu (The Star) – Travel to Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu by train may be possible, if the Government agrees to the construction of a railway track from the Klang Valley through to Mentakab, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu and Tumpat.

9. Article: Double-decker buses not banned, says Kong (The Star) – The Government will only ban double-decker and high-decked buses from operating in hilly terrain if there is substantial evidence that the vehicles are not suitable for such routes.

10. Letter: Poor train service despite better technology (The Star) – Mark Anthony of Kepala Batas comments on poor KTM intercity services.

4 replies on “Updates #68”

As for article number 8, I like to suggest that the present ets train is more than enough, because the passengers flow to Pahang and Terengganu is not as high as pantai barat (west coast), if the government insist to put a high speed train for east coast, I believe they cannot earn enough profit to cover the service and maintenance cost. By the end of the day, they might have to use tonnes of rakyat’s (people’s) money to cover up the services in order not to jatuh air muka (very embarrased by failure). After all, we are not a very crowded nation Like Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines or Indonesia etc.

Hi Jeffrey

High speed in this context will certainly be ‘regular’ speed considering that the train would have to pass through the Titiwangsa range. 140km/h cruising speed for ETS would put passengers in Kuantan in approximately 3 hours (including stops) which is reasonable.

The more important aspect of the project will be the potential for a ‘Komuter Pantai Timur’ service from Kuantan to Kertih, Kemaman, and Kuala Terengganu.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

am proud to say that we have such a nice terminal (ITT-BTS) in our beloved country. We have to move from ‘traditional’ operations like at puduraya station in order to be developed countries and we cant simply tolerate with such operations (ticket worm). As the user, it is most covenience the BTS terminal if to compare with Puduraya terminal. I really more bus operators will be there at BTS. Then we can have what so called ‘integrated services’. However it was sadly to hear some operator refused to move.
Could you please explain the roles of puduraya in the future?. This should be stressed by SPAD, a direction must be there. So that everybody will happy. At the end, the objectives of having integrated services will come true.
Notes to express bus operator, a little bit of additional may changes the whole landscap of public transport services. Protect the environment, avoid traffic cogestion to city centre..

Hi @Vtech

Thank you for your comment – Puduraya will be used for northbound buses until the Sg. Buloh Integrated Transport Terminal is completed.

Once this happens and buses shift to Sg. Buloh, then urban buses (Metrobus, Selangor bus) and short distance intercity buses (to Rawang, Seremban) will probably shift to Puduraya.

However, it does make sense for the short distance intercity buses to stay at Hang Tuah since they are closer to the highways.

Finally, the stations at Titiwangsa & Putra will probably be closed once the buses shift to the Integrated Transport Terminal at Gombak, probably in early 2012. These stations may be torn-down & redeveloped, or perhaps used as park & ride hubs at the city edge.

It is possible that all of these changes wil be completed by 2014 or so.

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