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KTM Update: Another restructuring for KTMB promises to accomplish what earlier restructuring(s) did not

TRANSIT took note of this article which describes plans for another corporate restructuring at KTMB. It is sad that the Malayan Railway has still not managed to figure out whether it is supposed to be a government agency, corporate entity, or something in between. TRANSIT remembers earlier corporate restructurings that have happened for KTMB. Well, […]

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So CVLB left a mess behind for SPAD. Should we act surprised? (Update #1)

IMPORTANT: If you are a commercial vehicle permit owner, you need to re-register your permit with the Land Public Transport Commission before 1 September 2011. See the relevant information here (from the SPAD website) or scroll down to the bottom of this post! Update: Responses from TRANSIT and SPAD on the issue of the re-registration […]

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Public transport planning in Johor moving ahead

TRANSIT took note of this article which mentions the plan to build an integrated transport hub in Bandar Seri Alam, Johor, which would include commuter rail, feeder bus and taxi services. The commuter rail will connect residents of the Eastern Gate of the Iskandar Development Region with JB via the new Kempas Sentral railway hub […]