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KTM Update: ETS to Sg. Gadut by Christmas? Maybe he meant, Christmas 2011?

Back in November 2010, TRANSIT read of comments by Minister of Transport Kong Cho Ha that KTM’s Electric Train Service would reach Sg. Gadut by December 25, Christmas Day. We highlighted those comment in this post, KTM Update: Can Sg. Gadut station be ready by Christmas 2010? which also included information about the extension of electric train services further south.

He neglected to mention the year, but it was implied that the service would be ready by Christmas 2010.

Of course this was impossible – since, by late November 2010 the double tracking had just reached Senawang station, with no electrification.

So perhaps the Minister did mean Christmas 2011. Or perhaps he made a mistake and the reporters would not dare to correct him or ask for clarification. Or perhaps, the reporters standing with him at Sg. Gadut actually thought the project could be completed in less than 2 months.

We honestly do not know which scenario is scarier…..

In any case, we think that readers might be interested in these photos of Senawang and Sg. Gadut stations.

4 replies on “KTM Update: ETS to Sg. Gadut by Christmas? Maybe he meant, Christmas 2011?”

Hi @Ethan

Some people have already made similar comments – the roof is not wide enough to protect against the sun, rain coming in from the sides, etc.

Perhaps, just as “the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain”, the rain in Sg. Gadut stays mainly on the train?

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

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