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Updates #83

Updates #83 1. Article: Free Rides (Streets – NST, 26 April 2011) – NST Streets takes a look at 4 free community shuttle buses in the Kuala Lumpur area. More information on shuttle “schedules” can be found here.

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Almere, Netherlands: A ‘blank canvas’ for bus-based, Transit Oriented Development

TRANSIT took note of two very interesting posts on Jarrett Walker’s Human Transit blog which focus on the bus-oriented development of Almere, Netherlands. almere, netherlands as bus-oriented development (Human Transit) guest post: richard lenthall on the busways of almere, netherlands (Human Transit) Almere, Netherlands is a small community that was designed first and foremost around […]

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10 years of public transport reform

TRANSIT notes the recent publication of a report entitled “Public Transport Tendering in the Netherlands,” which looks back on 10 years of public transport reform (including integration, devolution and competition measures) implemented in the Netherlands. The interesting thing about this document is that is shows us how the Netherlands government decentralized authority for local public […]