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Updates #20

1. Puchong LRT extension puzzle (Malay Mail) – Comments from MPSJ staff about the proposed LRT extension to Puchong as well as areas that will not be served by the extension 2. MAILBOX: Fiasco at Klang Sentral (Malay Mail) – A letter from Moaz Yusuf Ahmad regarding the issues at Klang Sentral 3. Klang Sentral Terminal […]

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Updates #19

Updates 1. Nap at surau proves costly (NST) – A young undergraduate loses his laptop after taking a nap in the surau at a bus station in Kuantan. [TRANSIT: Whoever would steal from a person, especially in a Surau, especially at a public transport station – deserves serious punishment. But we must also remind people to […]

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Is fast tracking mega projects going to help public transport recover?

TRANSIT took note of this article in the business section of the Star Newspaper which focuses on the implementation of mega projects to help with the economic recovery. 2 of the mega projects that are being pointed to are the extension of the two existing LRT lines to Putra Heights and the new LRT line […]

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Klang Sentral Terminal B shuts down

TRANSIT takes note of this article in the Malay Mail that announces the shut down of Terminal B at the controversial Klang Sentral bus station. Klang’s Terminal B closes after nine months Nine months — that’s how long it lasted Nevash Nair, Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 05:45:00 THE shutters have finally come down at Terminal […]

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Comments on Briefing to Subang Jaya community

TRANSIT believes that it is important to share information. We believe in openness in communications but we also believe in respect for others. This is one of the reasons why we removed (temporarily) some images of the 4-carriage LRT trains.  Although the images can easily be found on the internet (flickr, anyone), we removed the […]

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25th July 2009 – Dialogue on Extension of Kelana Jaya LRT line to Subang Jaya, USJ & Putra Heights

TRANSIT received a copy of the messages below from Moaz Yusuf Ahmad, a member and resident of Subang Jaya Event: Briefing/Dialogue on LRT to Subang Jaya Date : 25- 07 -09 (Saturday) Time : 4 – 6 pm. Venue : 3K Multi-purpose hall, 3K Sports Complex, Subang Jaya. Co- organizers : SJRA, USJRA, BSRA, SJ […]

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London Calling (Part 1)

Moaz from TRANSIT took note of this tweet from Raja Nong Chik, Federal Territories Minister, who is currently in London in the UK RajaNongChik: Caught in traffic jam in london just as bad as kl! So does this make kl a first class city just like london? It is an interesting question, to say the […]

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Water taxis for Penang?

TRANSIT took note of this article today, which is really two articles in one. In the article, Water taxis an alternative for Penangites, Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat speaks up in favour of a proposal for water taxis in Penang – apparently mooted by the Penang Port Commission. The funny thing is that many […]

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State Government wants more info about LRT

TRANSIT takes note of this small news update in Subang Jaya Community Newspaper SJEcho. LRT – State needs more details by SJEcho 22 June 2009 THE Selangor State Government wants Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad , the concessionaire for the LRT to provide more details. Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu who is the Local Government, Research […]

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Press Conference by residents of Putra Heights regarding LRT extension

Moaz from TRANSIT attended a press conference held by Putra Heights residents regarding the plan to extend the Kelana Jaya LRT line to Putra Heights. The residents are objecting to the possibility that the extension would run past a Tenaga Nasional powerline and past their houses within Putra Heights.  In the image below, the path […]