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25th July 2009 – Dialogue on Extension of Kelana Jaya LRT line to Subang Jaya, USJ & Putra Heights

TRANSIT received a copy of the messages below from Moaz Yusuf Ahmad, a member and resident of Subang Jaya

Event: Briefing/Dialogue on LRT to Subang Jaya

Date : 25- 07 -09 (Saturday)

Time : 4 – 6 pm.

Venue : 3K Multi-purpose hall, 3K Sports Complex, Subang Jaya.

Co- organizers : SJRA, USJRA, BSRA, SJ Consumer Assn., Senior Citizen Club SJ, SJ Coffee Shop Assn., Persatuan Koir Song Ling,SJ

Initiated by : MCA Kelana Jaya

Speakers : Prasanara Group MD & team
Wakil Rakyat YB Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat

The briefing covers the KJ Extension line from old airport road Glomac to USJ21 Taipan 2.
All residents are welcome to attend

Supplementary email:
For your info, although this session is initiated by MCA Kelana Jaya, it is also co-organised by USJ Residents Assn, SJ Residents Assn, Bandar Sunway RA, SJ Consumer Assn, Senior Citizens Club SJ, SJ Coffee Shop Assn, among other residents/community groups.

The briefing will cover the proposed Kelana Jaya extension of the LRT route (from Glomac/old airport road) right up to USJ21 (Taipan 2). The Prasarana team will also answer queries/provide rationale regarding the proposed LRT route and, will consider/review all residents’ feedback for final presentation of the LRT plans.


To be frank, TRANSIT has no political affiliations and speaks for better public transport in the community without fear or favour. We were disappointed when Prasarana did not attend a similar session held in September 2008, which was initiated by the ADUN of Subang Jaya.

Let the politicians handle their protocols, who gets to be invited, who gets credit, etc.

Our main interest is in the proposal and how it will benefit the community and public transport users.

We have been in contact with residents of the community to give feedback and prepare questions that can be asked at the dialogue. Similar questions can be used at other dialogues, by interested parties who want to work towards better public transport.

We have appended a sample list of questions below and invite you, the TRANSIT reader, to provide your questions and ideas as well.

Sample Questions for community dialogue

  • Why did Prasarana not attend the session in September 2008?
  • Why is the route not complete even though the government announced the LRT extension in 2006?
  • What Municipal or State Plan does this extension come under?
  • Is this extension in compliance with the Selangor State Structural Plan and Subang Jaya Draft Local Plan? Do you have the documents to show this?
  • Why is the Kelana Jaya line being extended to Putra Heights?
  • Do you have data to show that there is a need for an LRT capable of carrying 30,000 passengers per direction per hour (or 60,000 passengers per hour) in Subang Jaya, USJ and Putra Heights?
  • How much will the extension cost? Is this extension the best option for the money?
  • What other choices have you looked at?
  • Where will the stations be located?
  • How do you intend to mitigate traffic congestion and illegal/indiscriminate parking at these stations?
  • What are your proposals for feeder bus service to these stations, to reduce the need for people to drive to the station?
  • The LRT extension will not include Bandar Sunway, which is the most congested area in Subang Jaya and is also a major transport hub. How do you intend to provide public transport service to high density/busy/heavily congested areas like Bandar Sunway?
  • How will residents/house owners be compensated for the inconvenience and health effects of LRT construction and LRT operations (including noise, dust, congestion, pollution from idling cars near stations, etc)?
  • Will this compensation continue during the operations of the LRT including the period 7-10 years from now when more noise and operations issues will surface?
  • Is it your intention to use the trains and guideways and stations as advertising space?
  • Will you build the line in phases? When will the different phases start operations?
  • How long will the construction take?
  • What is the acceptable noise levels specified by the Jabatan Alam Sekitar?
  • Have you conducted a noise impact assessment along the proposed route?
  • What areas along the LRT route have been identified as posing a concern for noise impact levels?
  • Have you contacted the residents and businesses in these areas to hear from them about the noise impact of the proposed extension and discuss noise impact mitigation measures?

4 replies on “25th July 2009 – Dialogue on Extension of Kelana Jaya LRT line to Subang Jaya, USJ & Putra Heights”

Hi Lee

The exact location is a bit tough to describe – it is on the southern-end of Putra Heights near the Giant Hypermarket, but located just north of the interchange to the ELITE Highway.

I hope this description helps.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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