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Updates #20


1. Puchong LRT extension puzzle (Malay Mail) – Comments from MPSJ staff about the proposed LRT extension to Puchong as well as areas that will not be served by the extension

2. MAILBOX: Fiasco at Klang Sentral (Malay Mail) – A letter from Moaz Yusuf Ahmad regarding the issues at Klang Sentral

3. Klang Sentral Terminal B temporarily closed for renovations (The Star) – Spokesperson for NPO Sdn. Bhd. claims that Terminal B has been closed temporarily to build a connecting walkway between the two terminals [TRANSIT: One has to wonder why this wasn’t built in the original construction.]

4. MAILBOX: RapidPenang must explain bus fare hikes (Malay Mail) – A letter from TRANSIT discussing the role of the Penang Transport Council.

5. More women driven to success as bus drivers (NST)  – An article about women bus drivers working for RapidPenang.

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