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State Government wants more info about LRT

TRANSIT takes note of this small news update in Subang Jaya Community Newspaper SJEcho.

LRT – State needs more details
by SJEcho 22 June 2009

THE Selangor State Government wants Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad , the concessionaire for the LRT to provide more details.

Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu who is the Local Government, Research and Development Committee chairman said the company had carried out a preliminary briefing for the State Government.

“We want another presentation by SPNB with more details,” he said.


This article did not make it to the mainstream news media, which clearly shows that a lot of people are not really paying attention to the significance of this issue.

It is good that the State Government is trying to gather more information from Prasarana about the proposed extensions of the LRT lines to Putra Heights.

Unfortunately, the State Government has to realize that presentations must also be attended by the people of the area, residents and grass roots organziations who are also stakeholders in public transportation.

In a recent (30 April 2009) presentation to Selangor State Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim , TRANSIT proposed that the  Selangor State Government implement a State Public Transport Council, comprising members of the government, planning authorities, public transport operators, National Infrastructure Company Prasarana, as well as residents and grass roots stakeholder groups.

At that presentation we invited the government to follow the example of Penang, which has had a Public Transport Council since late 2008, as well as Singapore, which has had a public transport council for many years.

TRANSIT repeats our call for the State Government of Selangor to take up an active role and become involved in public transportation by creating the public transport council described above and having it meet before the end of 2009.

For more information about our proposals to the Selangor and Penang State Governments, please see our Proposals page.

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