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Updates #19



1. Nap at surau proves costly (NST) – A young undergraduate loses his laptop after taking a nap in the surau at a bus station in Kuantan. [TRANSIT: Whoever would steal from a person, especially in a Surau, especially at a public transport station – deserves serious punishment. But we must also remind people to keep watch over themselves and their belongings.]

2. Residents want a way out of the daily crawl (The Star) – Comments on the congestion problems along Jalan Segambut in the northwest of Kuala Lumpur. [TRANSIT: One solution is to move a large number of those trips onto public transport – and a good way to do that is to extend the Ampang LRT from Sentul Timur to Kepong Sentral, along Jalan Kepong.]

3. Be ready to pay, say cabbies (The Star) – Discusses the adjustment to higher taxi fares – including the impact of the new fares on travel on congested roads and during heavily congested periods.

4. Pakatan’s first white elephant? ( – A letter from Moaz Yusuf Ahmad of TRANSIT on the state of the Klang Sentral Bus Terminal.

5. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Easy credit choking our roads with cars (NST) – A letter commenting on the availability of easy credit encouraging people to buy cars.

6. ‘Lack of enforcement causing traffic jams’ (NST) – Comments from Chow Kon Yeow, Penang State Exco for Local Government and Traffic Management, on the issues in Penang and the role and goals of the State Transport Council.

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