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PPj says Putrajaya monorail project needs to be revived soon. TRANSIT: This is getting tiresome.

It has come again – the call from Perbadanan Putrajaya to revive to Putrajaya Monorail has become an annual event for those who follow public transport in Malaysia. And, like every year the call is the same – without the monorail Putrajaya will have traffic gridlock. Without the monorail the roads & highways leading to […]

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LRT Update: More questions about LRT alignment

TRANSIT took note of these two articles discussing questions about the LRT extension alignments and concerns that Prasarana has not shared enough information about the project. Residents in the dark over LRT extension (The Star) 10 March 2011 By Lim Chia Ying THE briefing by Prasarana on the LRT extension at the Subang Jaya Municipal […]