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LRT Update: More questions about LRT alignment

TRANSIT took note of these two articles discussing questions about the LRT extension alignments and concerns that Prasarana has not shared enough information about the project.

Residents in the dark over LRT extension (The Star)
10 March 2011

By Lim Chia Ying

Here you are: Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd employee M. Thavanendran (left) briefing a residents association’s committee members on the finer details of the proposed LRT extensions in the Klang Valley. Image courtesy of The Star.

THE briefing by Prasarana on the LRT extension at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) yesterday did not answer pertinent questions, said several councillors.

One of the controversies is the acquistion of the tennis court at Saujana Residency in SS16, Subang Jaya whereby the LRT alignment is set to run through [TRANSIT: or rather, between, as shown here] the Saujana Residency serviced apartments and Empire Subang Jaya mall.

MPSJ town planning department director Yunos Kashid said compensation amounting to about RM4mil will be made by Prasarana and a letter of undertaking will be discussed by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) and the Transport Ministry on the noise impact affecting the residents at these apartments.

“The distance between the alignment and the nearest residential unit is about six metres, hence residents’ concerns on the noise.

“However, the station is not likely to change,” said Yunos when met during the MPSJ’s meet-the-press session yesterday to update on the council’s latest activities.

[TRANSIT: In other words, we will give you compensation but there will be no change – the LRT is running in between those two buildings and that is that.]

MPSJ councillor for the area Dr Loi Kheng Min said he was told that a Form K has been issued for the land acquisition matter, but he was concerned about noise generated by the LRT hardly 20ft away from the residents’ block.

“Prasarana showed us a simulation about the noise and impact but what is the simulation based on? This is not an aircraft simulation,” Loi said.

“Prasarana previously had a meeting once with the residents but that was it. No reply was forthcoming since.”

Yunos added there will be a special dialogue for residents of Kg Seri Aman, Puchong on a yet to be confirmed date, with a public display of the LRT for them from March 15 onwards at the council.

He said this was because the residents there objected to having a LRT station in their area.

[TRANSIT: They are not objecting to a station, they are objecting to the proposed LRT depot which will run right through their area.]

“The entire LRT alignment and placement of stations are already confirmed but there will be slight changes at Kg Seri Aman area as residents are totally against it,” said Yunos, adding the council has already approved about eight stations from the 19 or 20 stations to be built under this extension.

He claimed the residents in other areas have more or less agreed to the stations and the MPSJ has been instructed by the state to look into the details of each of the station.

When asked what transpired during the briefing, he said the councillors had requested to get copies of previous objections raised.

Councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran who was also at the briefing said Prasarana has still not conducted much public engagement or dialogues with the people.

“Many people are still in the dark and they have no idea what is going on,” said Rajiv.

“When the public display was held and people sent in their objections, there was no reply from Prasarana’,” he said.

“In the briefing, Prasarana said the noise level will be below the limit allowed. But when I asked them to give a letter of undertaking they were not agreeable,” said Rajiv.

He also questioned the capacity of waiting areas like the pick-up and drop-off sections, and if there’s sufficient storage area for feeder buses as Prasarana said it would provide.

“If the holding capacity is not enough, will motorists be stopping their cars illegally by the roadside hence causing congestion?

[TRANSIT: That also depends on the people waiting in the area – if they decide to wait for 10 or 15 minutes (or more) – has Prasarana planned for this?]

“There’s also the issue of park-and-ride, where I was told that certain parking areas will be built by a developer. What if the parking area is not ready when the station is ready?” he asked.


There you have it – the LRT is continuing ahead, mostly as planned with some adjustments.

The important thing that must be realized is that back in September 2009 when the public display began, Prasarana MD Idrose Mohamed confidently predicted the LRT lines could start construction by April 2010. We are now close to April 2011 and the construction is barely starting.

That is why the government and public must realize that rail expansion is a serious undertaking and cannot happen overnight, as some people want. And that is why we need a public consultation model that incorporates the views of all 4-stakeholder groups into public transport planning – instead of public ‘briefings’ that do not consider people’s reasonable views.

The next article is an example of that:

LRT realignment: All considerations not studied (
6 March 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to raise my concerns with regards to the proximity of an LRT track being built, to my house at Taman Esplanad, Bukit Jalil.

I understand that the relevant authority have shifted the track further away from the houses at Taman Esplanad, Bukit Jalil, however the re-alignment only starts right after my house. In other words, the proposed LRT track is still being built right behind my house.

My question to the authority is:

1. If the LRT track is proposed following the guidelines, why the selective re-alignment?

[TRANSIT: Perhaps he really means, why not start before my house instead of after? Either way, it is his right to question as the LRT may affect his right to enjoyment of his property.]

2. I understand the project also involves diverting a river to make way for the LRT, but why not divert the LRT track to opposite [the] river? That would preserve the natural surrounding and the environment, and might require less expenditure.

3. I understand that only a few houses are affected by this move but does it mean that the authority can ignore our concerns?

I really hope the authority can learn from their past mistakes and not repeat them again. I also really hope the media can look into the matter and help prevent the authority from making decisions that impact our environment.

Bukit Jalil Resident


So there you have it – more details that need to be reviewed and ironed out.

One reply on “LRT Update: More questions about LRT alignment”

We have to “THANKS” the government for their utterly late and lame/lousy/hopeless city/lrt planning and extension and their IDIOTIC protections regarding PROTON and PERODUA in order to protect our local automobile industry is another “RETARDED/MOST STUPID” move that caused all these late and unnecessarily problems/dillema. Our so called EXPERTS in the Economy Planning Unit in the Department Of Prime Minister are another bunch of F******* IQ negative idiots/morons that comes out all the wrong and inaccurate studies and plannings that make the scenario WORSE!!

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