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TRANSIT says goodbye to 2011 and wishes everyone a happy 2012

The year 2011 has been quite tumultuous for public transport and indeed, for many people in many places throughout the world. Specifically to public transport, we in Malaysia have seen a number of major changes.

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Check out RapidKL’s new buses in action (Update #1)

Update: @TWK90 found another place to host the bus photos. Check out the links below! TRANSIT recently took note of a set of photos of new RapidKL buses in action, courtesy of @TWK90, a regular on many Malaysian public transport-related forums who has provided us with many excellent pictures of buses, trains, signage, stations, etc. […]

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Puduraya: More updates & interesting information

TRANSIT took note of two very interesting articles highlighting Puduraya terminal and plans for changes to public transport service. The first article, RTD, SPAD booths at obscure corner (NST 11 May 2011) public transport users at Puduraya complain that the Road Transport Department and Land Public Transport Commission offices at Puduraya are located in “obscure” […]