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So how should we feel about the “delay” to SPAD?

TRANSIT was debating for some time about how and when to make this posting. You see, it is not easy to always express our real feelings about public transport. Many people in government and the public transport industry are quite sensitive to criticism, and that sensitivity can increase unpredictably…… But frankly, we are disappointed and […]

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Parliament: Road Transport Act amendments withdrawn

The Road Transport Act Amendment Bill 2010, which would have seen 51 amendments to the current Road Transport Act, has been withdrawn from Parliament. It will be re-tabled in the June 2010 sitting, which will also discuss proposals for the 10th Malaysia Plan. Three proposals that received objection from the Barisan Nasional Backbencher’s club (possibly […]

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Parliament: response to question on Kuching public transport

TRANSIT has been following the 3rd Session of the 12th Parliament for information relating to public transport. This is a question related to Kuching, which was discussed in Parliament on 1 March 2010. SOALAN: Tuan Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching] minta PERDANA MENTERI menyatakan berapakah peruntukan telah diagihkan oleh Kerajaan persekutuan untuk mengadakan sistem pengangkutan […]