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2 months for decision on Rawang terminal

TRANSIT took note of this article on the new bus station in Rawang, which facing problems in getting bus and taxi operators to move to the station.

Decision on new bus station in two months (The Star)
Saturday January 30, 2010

A THOROUGH study must be done on traffic flow at the new Rawang bus station over the next two months before a decision could be made on whether to relocate all bus services there, Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) president Datuk Zainal Abidin Azim said.

According to him, only three bus companies — Mara, Metro and SJ — are picking up passengers in front of the bus station while the mini-buses and taxis are still operating from the old bus station.

Zainal said the new bus station belonged to Mahumas Sdn Bhd and it was too small to cater for all the buses and taxis in the area.

“We hope to make a decision within the next two months,” Zainal said at the MPS Full Board meeting on Thursday.

No buses here: Empty bus parking bays at the Rawang bus station. image courtesy of The Star


We have also been following the Rawang terminal topic for some time and have some interest in what is happening here.

The parallel to the other terminal issues is pretty obvious – faced with increasing congestion and competition and a bus terminal unable to cope, the local council looks to build a new terminal instead of resolving the existing problems at the current terminal.

This is not really their fault. After all, the constitution says that transport and public transport are Federal responsibilities.

However, it is only the regulation of service that is a Federal responsibility. The local governments do have the authority to set guidelines and rules on how the public transport service is organized.

Whether they have the ability or the money to do so is another topic entirely.

Going back to the Rawang terminal, what we have now is a separation of bus services, which are going to the new terminal, and taxi and minibus services, which are remaining at the old terminal (near the KTM station).

The separation of the two terminals is actually not much of an issue – since the taxi and minibuses serve the local market that usually arrives by KTM Komuter train. The issue is the so-called inconvenience and the idea that having 2 transit terminals is somehow a bad idea.

TRANSIT believes that there is not much that can be done about the Rawang terminal issue except to improve the access between the terminals and make sure that there is proper information as well.

One reply on “2 months for decision on Rawang terminal”

Traffic jam is the problem for all working staff, public transport, KTM also can not be solved. Federal government must do something either they co-operate with local council or meeting with residents here

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