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Parliament: Road Transport Act amendments withdrawn

The Road Transport Act Amendment Bill 2010, which would have seen 51 amendments to the current Road Transport Act, has been withdrawn from Parliament.

It will be re-tabled in the June 2010 sitting, which will also discuss proposals for the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Three proposals that received objection from the Barisan Nasional Backbencher’s club (possibly in light of the current by-election) were:

  • A proposal to increase the summons for traffic offenses from RM300 to RM1000;
  • A proposal to increase the minimum licensing age for motorcyclists from 16 to 17; and
  • A proposal to restrict the right to assign vehicle number plates to the Director General of the Road Transport Department.

Unfortunately, we never had a chance to look at the whole Amendment Bill – so we do not know much about the other 48 amendments.

For further information about the controversial amendments, please read any of the following:


We would like to see amendments to encourage electric vehicles on Malaysian roads, physically separated bus lanes and bicycle lanes, permitting longer, articulated buses for bus-rapid transit (BRT) systems, and a few other amendments that would help to improve the efficiency of public transport.

What amendments would you like to see to improve road transport in Malaysia? Please share them with us.

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