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Updates #88 – our most prosperous update ever!

Updates #88 – our most prosperous update ever

1. Article: Lounge around in a Rapid bus (The Star, 3 June 2011) – RapidPenang introduces RapidMobile, a “lounge” with a Blaupunkt Stereo system.

State-of-the-art sound system: Blaupunkt logistics and regional distribution director Hafiz Abidin showing Sandhu the functions and features of the company's New York 800 mobile entertainment system which has been installed in Rapid Mobile. Image courtesy of The Star.

[TRANSIT: You have to admire their creativity.]

2. Article: CURTAINS DOWN (NST 31 May 2011) – an update on the upcoming closure (at the end of June 2011) of KTM railway stations at Tg. Pagar and Bukit Timah in Singapore – with two excellent photos!

KTMB worker turning a locomotive around manually. Image courtesy of NST.
Atan Ahmad has been working at the Bukit Timah railway station for 20 years. Image courtesy of NST.

3. Article: Public transport upgraded to be more disabled-friendly (The Star, 30 May 2011)

4. Article: Penang Hill funicular train resumes run after brief hiccup (The Star, 3 June 2011)

The Following 3 articles are “feel-good articles” to remind the public of what the government is doing to improve public transport:

5. Article: ITT now in full swing (The Star, 1 June 2011)

6. Article: Big thumbs-up for new Puduraya terminal (The Star, 1 June 2011)

7. Article: BET minimises commuting time (The Star, 1 May 2011).

8. Blog: Green Lane: RM27m to ease jams – and then what? (, 23 May 2011) – Blogger Anil Netto questions the Penang Government’s plans to implement congestion reduction measures on Green Lane.

9. Article: Bus terminal ready next year (The Star, 1 June 2011) – The much awaited RM38mil Ipoh Integrated Bus Terminal and Complex in Bandar Meru Raya (formerly Ipoh Sentral) is expected to be fully operational by June next year.

4 replies on “Updates #88 – our most prosperous update ever!”

1. As for issue number 1, we don’t need any fancy entertainment system on rapid kl, save that money to make the bus more comfortable, OKU friendly, better ticketing and touch ‘n’ go system and travel with more frequency and arrive on a much shorter time. If Rapid Bas can do so, I already THANK GOD, THANK HEAVEN ALREADY!!!!

3. As for issue no. 3, I hope that disabled-friendly do not limited to the physical and visually impaired, they also have to consider audiolly impaired (deaf/pekak), put up more and bigger signages for the deaf, put up more LED or LCD display unit at the station, platform and inside the coach/train for the deaf.

4. As for issue number 4, before the funicular train come into services, many people said that I’m sceptical about the first world facilities and third world maintenance “Malaysia Boleh achievements”. Well, I prove them wrong now, it still happens. Malaysia Boleh, KRONISMA DAN RASUAH KERAJAAN MALAYSIA JAUH-JAUH LAGI/LEBIH BOLEH!!!

Because the extension of Ampang lrt line into Puchong area has become a great concern for the audioly impaired people, especially the deaf. This is simply because Malaysia Deaf Association hq is in PUCHONG!!! Many of them staying around there. SO I hope PRASARANA and SPAD will do something to improve the situation. Thank you!!!

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