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Updates #76

Updates #76

1. Article: Discover Ipoh by Bike after a short train ride from KL (The Star) – Sam Cheong writes of a trip to Ipoh using ETS and a folding bicycle.

Comfortable: The ETS coaches are spacious and luxurious. Image courtesy of The Star.


Group photo: The folding bike cyclists at Ipoh’s Garden Villa. Image courtesy of The Star.


2. Article: Govt may ban electric bicycles (The Star) – The Ministry of Transport has expressed that they may ban electric bicycles because they are not the same as motorcycles/electric motorcycles and there are safety risks if these bicycles user motorcycle lanes. Electric Bicycle User of Batu Caves responds with this letter and Cheryl of Kajang writes this letter as well.On Sunday Y.S. Chan wrote this letter.

There is also a follow-up article, Electric bike ban unfair, say riders and producers in The Star.

[TRANSIT: Instead of finding ways to improve electric bicycles and make sure that they are driven safely, the government decides that a ban is a simpler and easier solution. Look for a comment on this subject from TRANSIT soon.]

3. Letter: TBS: 1st class facility and 3rd world mentality ( – Upset Student complains about his bad experience at Bandar Tasik Selatan including an attempted pickpocketing and being overcharged by taxi drivers operating out of the terminal.

4. Letter: Bus terminal needs proper signage (The Star) Minna Chiew of KL complains that there is no proper signage for drivers who wish to access Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, echoing a previous complaint from another driver.

5. Hotline Story: ‘Where’s my paid bus ticket?’ (Malay Mail) – Sean Chang of Setapak complains about not being issued a ticket for his RapidKL bus trip.

6. Hotline Story: Bus stop turned into dumpsite (Malay Mail) – Amran of Rawang, Selangor, complains that bus patrons have been using a concrete box (a planter, perhaps) as a garbage dump.

The concrete box in question. Picture courtesy of The Malay Mail.

[TRANSIT: Have you seen a similar action at your local bus stop? Please complain to your local council as well, since local councils are responsible for maintaining bus stops.]

7. Article: Bus rams into van but no one hurt (The Star) – TAPAH: Twenty-seven passengers of an express bus escaped unhurt when the vehicle rammed into a van.

The accident happened at 1.45pm yesterday at KM332.8 of the northbound side of the North-South Expressway (NSE). The passengers in the van escaped unhurt.

11 replies on “Updates #76”

For issue number 1, it’s a cool and great idea to travel Ipoh on bicycle, I believe Ipoh traffic flow is more friendly for bicycle cyclists. But I think there is another issue, I think KTMB trains are not ready to allow and cater for anyone to bring their bicycle into the train yet.

For issue number 3 & 4, it is another “Malaysia Boleh Achievements”. I expect this to happen and I’m not surprise at all. After we (the rakyat) gave them (CVLB/SPAD) tonnes of advice and suggestions through various methods/channels in mass media. It seems like they heed none of our words, they (the government) always thought they have all the experts in the world to make things “RIGHT”. Well, I think now the things turn out not RIGHT in the beginning and the problems will keeps continue to become bigger. Just wait and see.

For issue number 2, I think the government ban the electric bicycle is because for the moment they can’t find a crony company selling electric bicycle that can earn them tonnes of money discreetly. Wait till the government able to “co-operate” with a crony company selling electric bicycle with tonnes of profit/money (directly/indirectly) and cheap shitty qualty, the government will give and tell thousands/millions of benefits of using an electric bicycle.

2. maybe the govt gonna ban electric cars and motorcycles too, since they “don’t operate the same way” as normal combustion engine.
3. we already expected these issues cropping up. it is everywhere – Pudu Raya, Duta, Bukit Jalil, PWTC, and soon Gombak. why are we not surprised? LPKP? JPJ? SPAD? MOT? what are they doing?

LPKP/JPJ/SPAD/MOT, allof them have one thing in common, afraid to voice out/oppose to their highest superiors for any idea/issues that they can’t agree to it. Just like any other government department. Eventually is the RAKYAT who lose out in the big scenario. It always does.


Unfortunately, it looks like this is what is happening. And ironically, we were told that SPAD would be different. They still have a lot to prove.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

G, I think you meant to write ‘erratic.’ I don’t think anyone here is interested in Metrobus drivers behaving in an ‘erotic’ manner.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

These drivers know that it is wrong yet day by day, they committed the same offence on purpose. When they see the competitors carry a full load of passengers, they are unable to stomach. Hence, they waited till the arrival of RapidKL buses before moving.

Wow, the bus wait for us, not the opposite. That’s the perception running in the minds of many passengers and the ill informed. Many passengers tend to believe that RapidKL services are bad because the Metrobuses are always at the bus stop. But they failed to realise that this “wait till my competitor” behavior is repeated at every bus stop along the route.

As a result, the Metrobus will always packed to the brim. The RapidKL bus, on the other hand, will be lucky if they can fill 60% seats.

If you observe, Metrobus have installed communication systems on their buses. Drivers communicate among each other. Exchanging info on the position of RapidKL buses. Then, they drive or wait to maximize load factor.

I was once accused of siding the RapidKL drivers. Still doubt the truthfulness of my writings? What about sitting in bus stops such as Tar College, Bangsar LRT, Wangsa Maju LRT, Damansara Uptown etc for an hour, observe the movements of the buses, will these readers still doubt my writings?

If I am indeed pro-RapidKL, why would my writings of RapidKL far outnumber that of the Metrobuses? What about accusing of pro-Metro, pro-SJ pro-Selangor etc?

I am always, and will always be impartial, and will always highlight transport wrongdoings under any circumstances.

Erratic refers to acts committed unintentionally. Here, our good friends did it not once, not twice, but repeatedly, and intentionally. Hence, the use of a stronger word to describe them.

I only have one sentence to describe METROBUS. METROBUS is nothing but a indiscipline, idiotic useless profit driven moron bus driving company which has no civic and public wellbeing conscious that has a political BIG SHOT putting HIS STUPID PIG BRAIN hand to support this inhumane bus company (METROBUS). Don’t force me to name out this person’s name, things will turn nasty and ugly if I do so.

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