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Cyberview takes over Cyberjaya DTS service, raising fares. We want to know, what will RapidKL do with their 53 buses?

TRANSIT took note of this article which indicates that Cyberview Sdn. Bhd. developer of Cyberjaya, has taken over the Dedicated Transportation Service from RapidKL. Cyberview has also increased the monthly fares for the DTS service by RM37 (from Rm213 to RM250). In the article, a spokesperson explains the justification, namely higher operating costs. We say […]

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Is the DTS CyberJaya bus service a fair allocation of public transport resources?

Some time ago, TRANSIT took note of this article in the Star Metro that describes the Dedicated Transport Service (DTS) provided by RapidKL for companies in CyberJaya.  We are interested in the technology, the service, and the arrangement between RapidKL and the CyberJaya Corporation. And above all, we are happy to see more people using […]

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TRANSIT comments on the Auditor General’s Report 2009

TRANSIT took note of the Auditor General’s Report, 2009 which made special mention of the problems at KTMB as well as the Dedicated Transport Service in Cyberjaya on pages 57-58 (55-56 of the .pdf).