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Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to include 2 public transport projects – TRANSIT needs your feedback!

TRANSIT has taken note of the recent public open houses in which the government introduced its proposed Economic Transformation Programme, a wholly-Keynesian spending package that is a combination of economic stimulus plan and economic growth plan. TRANSIT will post our comments about the ETP projects which are related to public transport, namely: the proposed MRT […]

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Hear from the “Experts” on what the proposed MRT will bring for KL

TRANSIT has noted that the MRT proposal is receiving more and more attention. Today, we take note of 3 articles which focus on the changes that the MRT would bring to KL – with “experts” commenting on different aspects of these changes. TRANSIT will provide links to these articles as well as some highlights of […]

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TRANSIT analyses the MRT proposal & compares it to other rail proposals (Update #5)

LATEST NOTE: Since the MRT project is now part of the Economic Transformation Programme, we will continue to update information about the MRT project through our posting on the Economic Transformation Programme entitled ETP Analysis: The MRT Proposal. Updated with poll! Updated with additional drawings! Updated with articles! Introduction This posting may be one of […]

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Malacca Aerorail proposal goes for public feedback

TRANSIT takes note that the Malacca Aerorail Proposal is now going for the 3 month period of public feedback (from June 23 to September 22) required by the Department Of Railways. For more information, please see the following article,  Malacca’s aerorail awaiting approval. For details about the project, please see the following: Malacca Aerorail feedback […]

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Proposal for temporary extension of Kelana Jaya LRT

TRANSIT has been in contact with MPs and ADUN and other wakil rakyat in the Klang Valley to help increase awareness about public transport issues. This recent posting from PJ Utara MP Tony Pua discusses a proposal that we have made recently for a short extension of the Kelana Jaya LRT line to the existing […]