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Proposal for temporary extension of Kelana Jaya LRT

TRANSIT has been in contact with MPs and ADUN and other wakil rakyat in the Klang Valley to help increase awareness about public transport issues.

This recent posting from PJ Utara MP Tony Pua discusses a proposal that we have made recently for a short extension of the Kelana Jaya LRT line to the existing Lembah Subang Depot.

Google Earth image of proposed temporary extension of Kelana Jaya LRT line from Kelana Jaya to Lembah Subang (existing depot) using existing track
Google Earth image of proposed temporary extension of Kelana Jaya LRT line from Kelana Jaya to Lembah Subang (existing depot) using existing track

Kelana Jaya LRT Extension Proposal

This is a response I received from transport activist, Moaz Ahmad with regards to the blog post I wrote on the Kelana Jaya football field development. He has made several constructive suggestions with regards to the LRT services which I will bring up in the next parliamentary sitting.


We would like to thank Tony Pua for his attention to public transport issues in PJ and the Klang Valley.  Full details of the proposal for the LRT extension will be posted to the TRANSIT website very soon.

On the other hand, we took note of one comment that reflects what happens when people comment without being fully aware.

True Fiction

I am surprised that as a “transport activist”, En Moaz and his fellow members at TRANSIT show no awareness that the LRT (Kelana and Ampang) line extension is already ongoing.

So before you raise the matter of “Lembah Subang Station” in Parliament and end up looking like a simpleton, I suggest you check with the Ministry of Finance, specifically Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad on progress of the LRT extension.

Our reply to True Fiction is below. We include this to show that there are significant problems with the planning process – problems compounded by a society that wants to leave it to the government to make all the decisions

klang valley said…
True Fiction

The members of TRANSIT and myself are quite aware of the proposed LRT extensions and these have been profiled in our blogsite at

I hope that you and others are aware that planning for these extensions is without public onsultation. Also, I hope that you are aware that final consulting still has yet to occur. Hopefully you are also aware that construction of these extensions will take as many as 6 years to complete.

We cannot wait 6 years for the congestion problems in Kelana Jaya to be resolved!

The short extension proposal described above is a temporary solution that can be carried out within 6-months to 1 year at a very low cost.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
on behalf of TRANSIT

One reply on “Proposal for temporary extension of Kelana Jaya LRT”

We the resident of Suria Damansara would like to extend our fullest support hoping the extension is true.

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