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TRANSIT: Shah Alam stadium would make a great Park & Ride facility

TRANSIT took note of this interesting article, which describes concerns some residents have over the use of a section of the parking lot at Stadium Shah Alam for a used car lot:

Residents unhappy with council for renting out part of carpark at Shah Alam Stadium (The Star 1 March 2011)

Private business: The section on the right of the car park has been taken up by the used car dealer. Image courtesy of The Star.

This time we are not going to publish the full content of the article because it isn’t really necessary. We note from the article that the MBSA has confirmed that this section of the car park was rented out last year and the council receives RM12,000 monthly in rental.

Thriving: The used car dealer has been operating at the lot since end of last year. Image courtesy of The Star.


With not much in the way of activities going on at the Stadium Shah Alam complex, renting out a section of the parking lot is not unreasonable and it does give the council revenue.

However … we have to wonder why the massive space of the Stadium Shah Alam has not been discovered for its potential public transport uses! Interestingly enough, the MBSA did plan a new bus terminal in the area, near the Klang River (see the renderings here)

But TRANSIT believes that the Stadium parking lots themselves would make for an excellent intermodal transport terminal because:

  • The stadium area is located roughly equal distance from the NKVE and Federal Highway;
  • KTM Komuter station Batu Tiga is located nearby – a shuttle bus could connect between the terminal and station with relative ease;
  • The Kelana Jaya LRT can be extended to the Stadium area after Subang Jaya KTM station;
  • Drivers on the Federal Highway could park at the Stadium area and avoid paying that toll at Batu Tiga;
  • Drivers on the NKVE could reduce their toll cost by traveling fewer kilometers – with a reduction in traffic volute helping to reduce the notorious jam at the Subang toll;

Types of services that could be introduced might include:

  • Limited-stop & Intra-urban Express buses (Expressway Rapid Transit) from the stadium (let’s call it “ITT-Barat”) to Klang (via Federal Highway) and Bukit Raja (via NKVE) and Rawang (via Guthrie Corridor). See the map of TRANSIT’s proposal here;
  • Limited-stop & Intra-urban express bus services (Expressway Rapid Transit) from “ITT-Barat” (Stadium Shah Alam) to north, east, and central areas of KL (Jalan Duta & Ampang via NKVE, KL town via Federal Highway);
  • Intercity express buses utilizing the NKVE, KLITE and Guthrie Corridor Expressway;
  • An ITT shuttle connecting connects all 4 integrated transport terminals (Bandar Tasik Selatan, Gombak, Sg. Buloh and Shah Alam) – assuming that Shah Alam ITT is built;
  • Shah Alam Circulator bus service (see a map showing TRANSIT’s proposal here) based at the ITT Shah Alam hub
  • Shuttle bus services to the Glenmarie industrial area, similar to the B.E.S.T. shuttle bus operating in Penang;
  • Inter-Airport shuttle bus linking Subang Airport to KLIA (possibly sponsored byMalaysia Airlines’ subsidiary Firefly Airlines, which has operations at both airports). If you support such a shuttle, stopping at “ITT-Barat” or in Subang Jaya, tell Firefly! Their contact information is here.;

So what do you think? Should there be a 4th Integrated Transport Terminal, completing all the cardinal directions (South, East, North, West) of ITT service in the Greater Klang Valley?

Would an inter-modal bus terminal & Park & Ride facility encourage people from Shah Alam and Klang to use public transport? Would such a terminal help realign bus services along the major east-west (Federal Highway, NKVE, even KESAS) and north-south (ELITE, Guthrie) road transport corridors in the western half of the Greater Klang Valley?

Most importantly, would such a terminal help reduce the numbers of cars that enter Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya on a daily basis?

Even more importantly, how quickly can this solution be in place?

7 replies on “TRANSIT: Shah Alam stadium would make a great Park & Ride facility”

This is how our local Malaysian Council works, there are only three conditions where a local council will convert some old venue, buildings into useful activity for the society/community venues:

1. It will assure the council and its crony to make tonnes of money.

2. After the local government and council get tonnes of complaints, curse and swear from the locals/public/community/society and lost a general election term or by election term.

3. When a private company/organization willing to adopt/sponsor that particular venue/premises/building/area as a charity/community/company promotion project/organization. But then the local government will also claim their merits despite 95% of the merit/efforts actually/genuinely belongs to the sponsor or adopter.

Thanks for the comment.

The obsession with Park & Ride is probably an expression of frustration from car owners – in other words, they are saying “we bought our cars, we are servicing the debt, what’s the point of not using them?” – but we at TRANSIT believe that a reliable, well-connected public transport system (including appropriate park & ride facilities) would reduce the need for people to drive their cars directly into the city.

As for the Shah Alam stadium proposal, it would start out as a Park & Ride facility, but grow into an integrated transport terminal with a variety of bus services.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

since dont think any LRT/MRT or what so ever T coming to shah alam.. and KTMB commuter is not reliable at all… why not introduce BRT or at least dedicate bus lane from shah alam to KL.. via Federal Highway..

a well plan route can benefit lots of people.. and implementation of this would not take years to implement.. but of course.. need a rock hard authority to announce it

punish stubborn car driver who selfishly driving alone in a BIG 7 seater car.. let them them see how 30 seater bus drive faster than them,..

traffic jam getting worst everyday.. infact this morning is the worst ever (accident at guthrie highway)..



Actually we want to introduce that as part of the service – but mention it quietly. ERT on 5 highways is a lot more palatable at this time than BRT on the Federal Highway.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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