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Website for Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is

TRANSIT has noted the addition of a website for Terminal Bersepadu Selatan Bandar Tasik Selatan (South Integrated Terminal @South Lake Town).

The website address is

You may recall TRANSIT’s criticism of Maju Holdings and the issues regarding TBSBTS – one of these being the lack of phone and website information for this modern, high tech bus terminal.

Well, we have finally found the website – only 5 or 6 months too late by our opinion, but at least it is online.

Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any phone numbers – so if you have questions about the bus terminal, ticket purchase, car park etc that are not answered in the FAQ section, please use the contact form to ask for information.

They promise a response within 3 business days. We hope that they will meet and exceed their proposed standard – and either way, we want to hear from you, our readers, about it.

Information about the Terminal, Services, etc can be found on the website. We have reproduced the sitemap below:

16 replies on “Website for Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is”

Salam Sejahtera.
Indah dan menarik TBS-BTS. Tahniah kerajaan Malaysia. Pertanyaan saya, bagaimanakah bagi saya untuk mendapatkan maklumat berkenaan dengan kiosk dan kedai di TBS-BTS?…saya berminat untuk menjalankan perniaagaan di terminal yg serba canggih ini. Pihak manakah saya perlu hubungi untuk mendapatkan maklumat?
Terima Kasih.

Why the website didnt provide the bus schedule for every company? Is it quite inconvenience for customer.
I want to know the bus schedule of KKKL express from KL to Batu pahat on tis friday, where can I get it?

Hello..I give some of my opinion about TBS..
-the foodcourt(besides KFC) should not be use the money buy the card then juz can buy food, because it is quite waste time and paper..Usually people go to TBS enjoy food are in rush, no many time, but if need buy the card just can buy the food, is quite waste time and this will causes people will no go to there buy food..
-TBS should communicate with government to improve the Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Station..As the LRT station are always crowd and there is only one line open for people to go through from outside into the place of waiting LRT..


We don’t have that information. The only thing that is said on the lockers section is

“Luggage Centre & Lockers
Changes done but need to remove the words in red (see left) as there is only one building, hence Main Terminal Building does not apply.”

[We’re not joking, this is what we saw as of 11pm on 8 July!!!!]

Have you called the Bus Terminal to inquire?

Tel : +603 9057 5804 or +603 9057 5802
Email :

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I was a passenger in the bus ( will not give the bus no. N company name ) on the 18 of march 2014. Upon reachingTbs-BTS , I lighted off the bus. When I was at the 2 floor , I discovered that I have left my hp behind. Tried to look for the bus , but it already left the premises. I went to the information counter n approach the officer , asking where the bus has hone to. The bus was at the bus bay 400 metre from my location. I ran to the bus bay n the bus n the driver is there . I knock the door asking the driver to open the door. The driver driver reluctant to open the door n the face of him look shock. I check the seat that I was seating n discovered the hp has gone. I ask the driver did he saw my hp n he denied. I knew that he is the one that took the hp cause I am the last passenger boarding off the bus. I went to the police post to lodge a report. With swift action by the PDRM . I manage to get back hp back. Special thank to the PDRM incharge n CPL Ahmad Ghalib RF 68158 for his experience in getting my hp back if not it will be a disastrous holiday for me n my family. Only Allah could repay their greed. Ameen

This morning I bought Maharani’s ticket to Muar at 10.45am. As the ticket mentioned Gate 1 so I waited at gate 1. Until 11.00am there were no bus Maharani arrived at gate 1. And the worst part is there is no anouncement on the delay! Finally me and another Malay lady walked to gate 13 as there was a Maharani bus there. When we asked, we were told that was actually the bus going to Muar. We asked one of the staff why no anouncement make? He answered ‘kenapa orang-orang boleh naik? Dah jerit lah! Dah jerit lah’.. Is this the service TBS gives to its customers?

I was rather disappointed with TBS system. Yes, they upgraded it to be airport style, with all the boarding pass, n check in gate. But there are flaws in the system.There is limited counter to change the boarding pass, & only if there is peak time like during festival, they will open more counter, but i dont think its enough. For those who already late, to que at rather long counter & to que again at check in gate, it seriously sucks. & mind your words if u wanna blame those who late. Commuter, STAR lrt are not that fast and on time, & then dont even speak about when those giant trains suddenly stuck@hve a system down >already speechless here double sucks.
so my point is, if you really wanna be like airport style, be efficient. Open enough counter for everyone. Hve more staff (very2 much appreciated) on check in gate, esp during peak times,and owh, gate 1-13 seriously very annoying w/ lot of people, do something!!!& put a lot of signage for important information too, pretty please.

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