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“Komuter Selatan” service in Iskandar-JB by 2014?

TRANSIT noted this very interesting article in the news today revealing a proposal by Malaysian Steel Works (Masteel) and KUB Malaysia to build a 100km intercity “commuter” rail system with 25 stations in the Iskandar Development Region of Johor. The project is said to have a value of RM1.23 billion. TRANSIT has discussed the proposal […]

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First look at the tram proposal for Iskandar Financial Centre

TRANSIT notes with interest that the proposed “city” of Medini, the financial centre for the Iskandar Development Region surrounding Johor Baru which is being built “from scratch” appears to have a tram running in the centre of the town along the north-south axis. The photo below shows construction of this main road with the right […]

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Almere, Netherlands: A ‘blank canvas’ for bus-based, Transit Oriented Development

TRANSIT took note of two very interesting posts on Jarrett Walker’s Human Transit blog which focus on the bus-oriented development of Almere, Netherlands. almere, netherlands as bus-oriented development (Human Transit) guest post: richard lenthall on the busways of almere, netherlands (Human Transit) Almere, Netherlands is a small community that was designed first and foremost around […]

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Johor MB: Kempas to be site of railway’s southern hub. TRANSIT: So what happens to the newly-opened JB Sentral?

TRANSIT noted this article in which the Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman comments on future plans for Kempas as a railway hub in southern Malaysia. Kempas, for those of you who do not know, is the interchange where the spur lines to the ports of Tanjung Pelapas and Pasir Gudang meet the main railway […]

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Bus Iskandar Malaysia shows us how public transport should work!

TRANSIT took note of this article, describing the new Bas Iskandar Malaysia service on 16 routes, ¬†introduced in the Iskandar Development Region of Johor. Unlike many other parts of Malaysia where cities and suburbs grow faster than the transport networks that will support and sustain them, the Iskandar Development Region is being planned differently. In […]