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KL Monorail Station improvements

TRANSIT recently took notes of improvements to the klmonorail website in this posting.

Today, we look at some of the changes that have been quietly made to the design of the KL Monorail stations.

Station Signage

New station signage placed at some stations is consistent with the new station code system which is to be implemented by RapidKL & Prasarana.

new signage at Bukit Bintang monorail station
new signage at Bukit Bintang monorail station

Transit watcher Florian has pointed out that the signage does not indicate the direction of travel for the LRT (using a “grey out” method or arrow) which can be confusing for people who are not familiar with the system.

Platform Screen Gates

Similar to the Platform Screen Doors at the underground LRT stations (except shorter) Platform Screen Gates are designed to prevent track intrusions and falls at open/overhead public transport stations.

Image of Platform Screen Gates at Bukit Bintang monorail station - image courtesy of TWK90
Image of Platform Screen Gates at Bukit Bintang monorail station - image courtesy of TWK90

Bukit Bintang Monorail station

Improvements to Bukit Bintang station have opened up the platform area and also made it safer – but what is also needed is a connection to the Lot 10 property on the other side of the street.

an image of the platform of the Bukit Bintang monorail station, taken from the overhead pedestrian bridge.


There have been concerns about the design of the monorail stations since they were first introduced to the public. It has been argued that the platforms are too small, the canvas roofs too heat absorbant, tje platforms full of ads, etc.

The efforts of Prasarana to unify the design of the KL Monorail over the past year have been noticed. The orange colours of the KL Monorail station interiors were linked to the corporate colours of KLStarrail Sdn. Bhd., the company that Prasarana created in 2008 when it took over the monorail.

Now that the KL Monorail is being integrated into the RapidKL service, it may be that the stations will be painted once again, to follow the blue-red-white (what, no yellow) colour scheme used in RapidKL’s elevated LRT stations.

Already, it seems that the orange livery of the Tun Sambanthan monorail station has been painted blue.

Now, if they could only resolve some of the other major issues that the monorail has – such as the crowding, the long wait between trains, the limited access, and of course, the mess at KL Sentral.

And where are the new trains mentioned in the Government Transformation Programme Urban Public Transport NKRA?

24 replies on “KL Monorail Station improvements”

It’s been quite a while (more than two months I’d say) that this new signage design has been commissioned, as highlighted in one of my previous post (albeit with no attached picture).
Regarding the direction signage, I can confirm that a small red arrow is now shown at the left of the line panel (your first image), at least in Raja Chulan station. However, I still think that it’s not clear enough (the arrow is too small; it can be confusing for casual travelers).

Some other improvements I’d like to see:
– Use the brand new LCD screens to display traffic information. I don’t however know whereas track signalisation is capable of pushing this kind of information to the management network
– Improve Bukit Bintang station exit ways. Currently, when alighting at this station (KL Sentral direction), one has to take a bridge over the track in order to reach the exit. As it’s arguably the busiest station on evenings, I think this should have been resolved long time ago.

I also don’t understand your comment about Lot 10 linking. It’s already possible to reach Lot 10 (Isetan) via the overhead bridge.

Trivia: Why having clocks of different colors on the tracks (track A would have green LED clock while track B would have red LED clock)?!

Hi Florian

Thank you for your observations. In referring to the link to Lot 10, I was also referring to the problem of Bukit Bintang which requires passengers to use the staircase to cross over the LRT line.

This is because there is no access on the right side of the station (closer to Lot 10) for an expanded concourse.

This issue has to be resolved, especially given the vast number of people who use Bukit Bintang station.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi Transit,
I think one of the major problem about KL monorail station is the accessibility. What i mean is that, its not so OKU-, senior citizen friendly. .My mum already turn 60. Its was a trouble for her to climb the stairs. (also for those with big luggages).
Not all station have escalator. For instance, at Raja Chulan station (near Wisma Genting) , there is none. After passengers had to climb long stairs to the counter, then to get to the other side of platforms there is more stairs. In chow kit stations, more worse. The design seem like a mess. Cant they just have flat platform with less stairs to climbs to the platform? I think They should focused (major renovation) more on this rather just the signage and face lift.
At chow kit station, the exit/entrance near the Jalan lorong Haji (towards UKM) is weird. They should build the escalator/stairs towards IMR/GHKL instead. There also should be a nearer bus stop. Buses from Setapak/Gombak can drop passengers near to the station legally. What happen now, its a mess. Some drivers who abeit the law will only drop passengers at bus stop (near IMR or chow kit) which located quiet far away . Its a hassle especially during raining day. There is no roof coverage. (But it think instead of wasting money building long roof coverage, better build a bus stop nearby the monorail
Beside that its so hot at the monorail station especially during sunny days.If u hold a chocolate, it will melt immediately. The fans are blowing hot air….Its like a sauna. More worse, the new blue-indigo coverage installed at the stairs seem trapping heat. So hot.
I am doubt that all this new signage is effective to serve its purpose. Because people (even who can read) still ask around and still many people get to the wrong platform. People still confuse. When there is a lot of people, the station get crowded. this new vertical signage view get blocked. So what the point of it. For me, its look like “accessories” .
Platform screen gates is not functional 100%. Most of the time, i see it like “white elephant” Its not activated all the time. Again Like accessories of a station. To look nice. or for part of KL Monorail “ISO documentation”.May be its out of order, or the operator in-charge decided to turn off the screen gates to fasten up consumers disembark and get in the monorail.
Another problem i dont understand why the toilet doors at most of KL monorail stations always open widely. It caused so much discomfort to certain people. I can say that there is no privacy using KL monorail stations toilets. Imagine that a guy is pissing at the urine bowl..then suddenly a female passerby. at back, to get to the platforms. Weird..Just weird. .
Another big problems is when the station get too crowded, passengers hard to disembark. The guard cant monitor all the time.Nor they can really control the big crowd. Its like a struggle to get out from the monorail especially during peak hours. Sometime our begs get sandwiches in between people who forcefully try to get in the monorail . There is just one narrow space. for us to disembark. This probably because of small build monorail station with one sliding door. To get in the train during peak hour is another nightmare. Just feel like get in a bus (sardine). “Bump to bump”.

With the current situation, do this kind of monorail still relevant to KL?I think its obsolete. Its only suitable for a theme park not for a metropolitan city like KL.


Thanks very much for your feedback. There are certainly a lot of problems with KL Monorail and we expect that Prasarana will invest money to resolve these problems properly and soon.

We will forward your comments to Prasarana for their attention.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Issues of Mini-zoo in KL monorail station.
The station enviroment is hot. low humidity. WIth the lights in the cage, i think the temperature in the cage is high. The light is too bright. Does this suitable for animals?i am not an expert about animal. but anyone did any assessment? Some how, i think its another kind of cruelty to animals. Who take care the welfare of the animals?
We shouldn’t teach the young and public (in general) that Animal in cage (more worse small cage) is a right thing. More over in enviroment like at a train station. I think its just wrong.
Its not really education.
Did any passengers appreciate it? or “learn” anything from this mini-zoo? For busy people like me, i only will walk pass by it to get to my destination.

Hi Goh

Thanks for your comments. Many of us at TRANSIT have experienced the heat of the monorail stations in late afternoon, when the combination of sun + heat + humidity + crowding can be overwhelming.

The best solution would be more frequent train service so that people would not have to wait in the area for a long time. The fans that they have added are not always on so they are not really a reliable solution.

Is there a specific monorail station that you are concerned about? Please let us know so we can investigate.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

saya ingin membuat aduan terhadap 2 pegawai yang bertugas pada 29 MAY 2010 di KL monorail yang berhala ke titiwangsa pada pukul 8.50 am, dan saya menaiki dari chowkit ke titiwangsa lepas tu ke sultan ismail ( tidak tahu perkara pergi balik) selepas saya menaiki chowkit 2 pegawai berada di sebelah saya seorang duduk lepas seorang lagi duduk kerusi penumpang. semasa monorail berhenti di titiwangsa 2 pegawai tersebut bangun dan menujuk ke arah saya dan Tanya saya dengan suara yang agar kuat “NAK PERGI MANA” saya beritahu dia pergi station sulatan ismail DUA PEGAWAI TERSEBUT MENHALAU SAYA KELUAR DARI MONORAIL, SATU PEGAWAI YANG BERNAMA NOR MENGAMBIL TIKET BERNILAI RM 20.00 TANPA KEBENARAN SAYA ( RAMPAS), SELEPAS MENGAMBIL TIKET TERSEBUT DIA MENYURUH PENYELIA STATION MENOLAK TAMBANG TIKET TERSEBUT LEPAS ( pegawai yang berbadan besar seperti ingin memaki) .selepas tu saya beritahu dia saya akan bawa perkara ini ke pihak aduan monorail. “DIA MENJERIT BUAT LAH ADUAN SAYA TAK TAKUT” saya Tanya dia kalau macam tu kena bayar dua kali, dia kata memang kena bayar , tak nak keluar dari station tersebut pegaiwai bernama NOR ( saya nampak di uniform ) memasukan tiket kedalam mesin tersebut suruh saya masuk balik. SELEPAS SAYA MASUK BALIK SAYA BERCAKAP KESAT ( tetapi bukan di hadapan dia) Cuma melepaskan geram . selepas masuk balik pegawai yang berbadan besar itu menghalang saya seperti ingin tolak saya (tangga) dan dia menjerit kat saya apa yang awak cakap. lepas tu dia menarahkan saya turun dan keluar dari station tersebut. lepas tu saya buat aduan tetapi tiada papan aduan di KL monorail.



• tiada papan tanda yang tidak dibenar menaik monorail pergi balik. ( TIDAK BERHAK MENHALAU SAYA)


• menjerit kat arah saya seperti ingin bergaduah dengan saya ( pegawai bersikap kurang ajar)

• tiada papan tanda aduan di monorail.

• menghalau saya dari station monorail dan memaki saya.

• terpaksa mebayar tambang ke star (LRT )untuk PERGI PEJABAT

perkara ini akan saya bawa ke jabatan aduan kerajaan dan jabatan

Dear Transit,

Recently there was major discruption of KL monorail on 09/6/2010 during peak hours til late nite. When i reach titiwangsa station by 5.30 am. i was frustated to know that the KL Monorail services was disrupted. I m not sure what the real reason, but that time was raining. Is there any publication of this issues in paper? I may have miss it.

It cause very unconviniencies to thousands of users during peak hour. Many people have to walk from Bukit bintang all the way to Hang tuah station during rain. I like to know the reason for it. Even when they back to operation (with longer waiting time) only line to Titiwangsa was operated, whereas KL sentral was still having problems.

This is not the first time of such services disruption. Rain or not rain. In facts for this few months, i expriences few minor to major delayed of services due to technical problems. (How about when i not taking the monorail.. I guess the probabililty/occurence of monorail technical problem is high.) This should alert KL monorail to do something abt it.

Such persistent technical problems will discourage public to “rely on public transport”. its just “unreliable”. its a mad crowd once the monorail back to operation.

But what really happen to the monorail train? why there is always technical problems?

the worse, is there is insufficient acknowledgement to the passengers. The sound system (PABx) are terrible, we barely heard it when we at the platform. they should either place a staff at the escalator./ stairs or place some big and clear anouncement abt the disruption of services. Many people complaint that after they went up all the ways then, only to find out the technical problems.

Is this human factor or technology problem?


Thanks for your comment. Actually, our feedback has occasionally led to action, and we have seen improvements and changes. So there are some people who do care to handle the problems.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


i already complain my case at MONORAIL STATION but no any reply i post a comment that service provide by monorail office about their attitude i post and complain 1 month ago .

that day ii been chase out from monorail and scold by the monorail officer the officer talk like gangster (saying bad word )

that day i also late for work on 2 hour i complain at monorail no answer ( calling 3 time (no answer) and e-mail ) …….. are this the ways KL monorail improve. ……. KL MONORAIL doesn’t send any feedback from my case ……if their are care to handle complain, suppose i already receive the complain that i made….. as the public service provider treat customer badly saying bad word chase customer out from the working hour cause late …… so i think MONORAIL have improve bad service to customer.

i hope can hear from u soon Moaz ( TRANSIT)

thank you


Please send us your complaint about the monorail service in as much detail as possible.

Also, please tell us about your experience in at the monorail office in detail – the date and time, and ideally, who you met (if there were any names).

We will forward your complaint to Prasarana and SPAD immediately.

Please email us at as soon as you can.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

hi moaz transit

i already send the complaint by e-mail what u ask for it is write in MALAY ……..but i have receive any respond or notice that u receive the mail ….no return mail but i hope u can reply me



Moaz, thanks.

To teo, we are lucky to have NGO like TRANSIT who care abt public transport in Malaysia. Many people are very appreciated with what have been done. Alot of effort have been put.

Transit have been around for sometime. If u read, newspaper, Transit always get the credit to speak out and give opinion on certain issues. .and it do make a difference.

hi goh

i still waiting for my reply from transit i haven get any reply …… why the service providing bad service for teh customer……

20 june 2010 is the business award at subang i am there my company geting best service award but i din’t see lot of transport get the award…….

may be transport still need to improve ….

Mr. Teo, we have read your email and will be forwarding it to Prasarana & KL Monorail this week.

As far as a response, it really does depend on them. Unfortunately, TRANSIT has no power over KL Monorail or Prasarana’s senior management – we are just volunteers trying to help the public.

Regards, Moaz

hi moaz transit

so this means write any where and complain also useless

all the complain been given from the public all is just wasting time …..if the monorail say i wrong all must agree….. if like that malaysia transport services is weak…..

so never mind i know you been a great help but i still unsatisfied with transport service.


As I said before, we will forward your complaint to the authorities – specifically the CEO of SPAD, the Director General of the Department of Railways, the MD of Prasarana and the CEO of KLStarrail Sdn. Bhd. (operator of KL Monorail) this week …

and we will follow up on the complaint afterwards to see what has been done.

Unfortunately, change takes time. Many of those hoping for a faster pace will not be satisfied. Others will complain about the fast pace and still others will wonder why change is even happening in the first place.

Public transport is moving forward, slowly, like a bus caught in a traffic jam. But at least it is moving forward.
Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I think Moaz is already doing an incredible work in mass transit-oblivious Malaysia.
Moaz is not linked with Prasarana whatsoever and is just merely relaying your message to them.
Please don’t shoot the messenger.


I Glad that moaz transit and transitmy to help ….. i just felt that if given public service or transport for public citizen why the person or the person (worker) want doing this to us

by the way thankl you

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