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Klang: Fallout over demolition of Klang taxi stand?

TRANSIT took note of the following articles which discuss the frustration over the demolition of the Klang taxi stand.

The issues with the Klang taxi stand relate to the issues of public transport in general. Poorly-regulated and poorly-managed service combined with the local council’s intent to push for the movement of services to Klang Sentral, and public transport users end up dealing with the frustations.


What is more unfortunate is that there still is no public transport masterplan for the Klang area that might help rescue Klang Sentral from its moribund state, and help reorganize public transport in the area to reduce the number of cars on the roads.

This issue is going to continue on until someone steps up and tries to fix the Klang Sentral issue. But we do not know who is going to step up.

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