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Revamp of PJ Community Bus

The Star Metro April 10 Edition had articles about the proposed revamp of the “Petaling Jaya Community Shuttle bus for the elderly and low income groups” That description for the service is very apt and purposeful – even after 1 year of service the MBPJ still hasn’t gotten their collective heads around the idea that […]

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TRANSIT’s Zul interviewed on ASTRO Awani

TRANSIT’s Muhammad Zulkarnain Hamzah was interviewed on the u-wartawan show of ASTRO Awani. Follow this link for all 3 segments of the show: Individual videos are here: Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3

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Bicycle Lanes proposed

TRANSIT notes that the Penang Transport Council is already looking to get down to business. Bicycle lanes proposed By MANJIT KAUR Tuesday March 10, 2009 GEORGE TOWN: As a short-term plan, the Penang Transport Council is proposing the construction of bicycle lanes to ease traffic congestion.  The council, specifically set up to tackle the long-standing […]

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Public consultation finally arranged?

Updated at 6:30 pm – According to a source in the office of the MP for Kelana Jaya, the consultation planned for March 17 has been called off.  The source indicates that Prasarana has requested that the meeting be called off. Is anyone else embarassed by this? ——————————————————————————————— It has come to the attention of […]

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LRT breakdown an exercise in pure frustration

The LRT breakdown on March 2 has angered many people and hopefully this will generate some public outrage.  If we cannot even run the existing LRT properly, why bother building the high-cost, low-return-on-investment extensions?  TRANSIT supports better public transport and more efficient mass transport – and we do not feel that the LRT is the […]

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Selangor looks at a five prong plan to bolster its economy

TRANSIT member Peter forwarded this letter to us this morning and we share it with you. Selangor looks at a five prong plan to bolster its economy The Malaysian Insider SHAH ALAM, March 4 — The Selangor state government has identified five initiatives that can help stimulate the economy said Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul […]

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Cross-Link to

The Transit: Klang Valley information site was created by Vector Designs between 2006 – 2007. It is an informative page on public transportation in Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley, and Malaysia. Vector Designs has also participated in other projects, namely map design, for the Klang Valley.  They are responsible for BasTrenKL, the pocket guide to […]

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STUDY ON “A STUDY ON AN INTERGRATED [Sic.] PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR THE KLANG VALLEY” – To Obtain the Residence’s [Sic.] Feedback on Public Transport.

A friend forwarded this to the attention of TRANSIT. STUDY ON “A STUDY ON AN INTERGRATED PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR THE KLANG VALLEY” – To Obtain the Residence’s Feedback on Public Transport. Reference is made to the above matter. We, Perunding Trafik Klasik Sdn. Bhd. have been appointed by Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad to conduct […]

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Klang MP wants to play mediator

This article came to our attention today. Klang MP Charles Santiago wants to be the mediator between the Klang Sentral management, bus companies, traders and consumer groups on the various problems plaguing the new terminal.  He told Malay Mail yesterday that he had the expertise to conduct a forum where all parties involved could understand […]

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Comments on Delay to LRT Project

The quiet announcement of the delay to the LRT construction project is getting more attention.  To summarize the article from the Malay Mail (which was also posted here on our website): Prasarana CEO Shaipudin Shah Harun resigned in September, 2008, just before Prasarana was to announce the Consultant Engineer for the project. The LRT project […]