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Klang MP wants to play mediator

This article came to our attention today.
Klang MP Charles Santiago wants to be the mediator between the Klang Sentral management, bus companies, traders and consumer groups on the various problems plaguing the new terminal. 
He told Malay Mail yesterday that he had the expertise to conduct a forum where all parties involved could understand each other’s grouses and seek solutions.

“At the rate things are going, I don’t think things will be resolved within the dateline Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has set, which is end of this month,” he said.

Santiago said he had written to the Klang Municipal Council and spoken to the councillors regarding the matter.

“The parties do not know what each other’s grouses are. There are about 600 traders and hawkers in the old bus stand and due to this issue, their business is suffering and it is affecting their income,” he said, adding that a win-win situation is possible.


The Klang Sentral issue has not gone away and it is clear that something must be done.  In this economic climate, governments must be doing everything that they can to stimulate economic growth and help those that are at the greatest economic risk.
The relocation of buses and closure of the North Klang bus terminal is not helping bus passengers, it is not helping petty traders and local businesses, and it is not helping to reduce traffic congestion or air pollution either.
TRANSIT applauds Klang MP Charles Santiago for attempting to take the initiative – but we, like everyone else, want to know how things were allowed to get so bad before people sat up to take notice.

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