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Bicycle Lanes proposed

TRANSIT notes that the Penang Transport Council is already looking to get down to business.

Bicycle lanes proposed

By MANJIT KAUR Tuesday March 10, 2009

GEORGE TOWN: As a short-term plan, the Penang Transport Council is proposing the construction of bicycle lanes to ease traffic congestion.  The council, specifically set up to tackle the long-standing transportation woes in the state, hopes to have the lanes set up within six months.  Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow, in announcing the setting up of the council at a press conference here yesterday, said other short-term plans included improving one-way systems, removing bottlenecks, encouraging the use of bicycles and making the ferry service better.


We are happy to hear the news that the state governments is looking at constructing bicycle lanes to improve intermodal transport (transport using different modes e.g. bicycle + bus or bicycle + train + walking).

TRANSIT would like to suggest that the Transport Council also consider installing bicycle racks on buses to encourage intermodal transportation as seen in the photos below.  TRANSIT would also like to remind the government of the benefits of Universal Design principles which will make public transport more accessible to more people, cost less, and increase quality.

Note the bicycle racks mounted to the front of each bus.

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