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Updates #41

Updates #41 1. Letter: Second North-South link: We don’t need it (NST) – Faiz Ishak comments on the proposed Taiping-Banting highway and expresses his preference for better public transport. 2. Letter: KTMB pledges to reward its retirees (The Star) – Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, Managing Director of KTMB writes this letter in response to a letter entitled Offer […]

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Updates #29

Updates #29 1. Issue: Brickfields/Little India traffic dispersal RM110m traffic boon for Bangsar, Brickfields (Malay Mail) Win-win outcome sought for Brickfields traffic dispersal plan (Streets) Mayor: Give us your Feedback (NST) Looking for a win-win situation in Brickfields (the Star) The proposed RM10 million traffic dispersal project, described in the 3 articles above, will lead […]

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Joint enforcement operations in KL – unbelievably, this is the first time ever!

As a result of the recent attention given by Prime Minister Najib, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Dept. Nazri, Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik and 2nd Finance Minister Husni, the various agencies have gotten on their toes and have started a joint enforcement operation in KL. The operation is described in these two articles: […]