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Updates #41

Updates #41

1. Letter: Second North-South link: We don’t need it (NST) – Faiz Ishak comments on the proposed Taiping-Banting highway and expresses his preference for better public transport.

2. Letter: KTMB pledges to reward its retirees (The Star) – Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, Managing Director of KTMB writes this letter in response to a letter entitled Offer KTMB retirees better discount from @KTMB Retiree.

3. Article: KTM-SkyBus seamless service to LCCT (Business Times) – KTMB and Skybus are teaming up to provide a new service for KTM passengers with connecting buses between Nilai and the LCCT. For residents of north & west Petaling Jaya & KL as well as Sg. Buloh, please note that Skybus is also looking at providing service from 1Utama in the 2nd Quarter of this year.

4. Article: 10pc submit fake papers for licences (NST) – According to Chair Datuk Halimah Sadique, more than 10 per cent of applications made to the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board from July till December last year were submitted with false documents.

5. Letter: Bus lanes worsen congestion at Syed Putra (The Star) – “RoadTax Pyaer” writes that the bus lanes lead to congestion on Jalan Syed Putra.

[TRANSIT: We believe that congestion would be reduced if the bus lanes were moved to the centre of Jalan Syed Putra & buses were allowed to run contra-flow.]

6. Two articles about the latest OPS Halang (Joint enforcement in KL) shows that some public transport operators still don’t get it. Where is the CVLB in enforcement?

7. Article: Course motivates Johor bus drivers (The Star) – bus drivers in the Iskandar Development Region attended talks on customer service, motivation and how to deal with stress.

8. Hotline: Bus driver takes ‘own sweet time’ (Malay Mail) – Selvi of Setapak complains about the waiting time for feeder buses at Wangsa Maju LRT feeder bus terminal.

[TRANSIT: This is a good place for RapidKL to start implementing gap crews and driver rotation. Basically, this means that there would always be a well-rested replacement driver waiting at the station to take over the bus immediately – so passengers do not have to wait. There is no excuse for making passengers wait for 30 minutes at the terminal while the bus is there.]

9. Letter: Expressway is sufficient (The Star) – Saesha Razak argues that there needs to be improved intercity public transport through regular train services, instead of a new expressway.

10. Comment: When drivers sleep on the job… (Streets-NST) – Kongster comments on overworked public transport drivers and the obvious safety implications.

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