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Updates #29


Updates #29

1. Issue: Brickfields/Little India traffic dispersal

The proposed RM10 million traffic dispersal project, described in the 3 articles above, will lead to significant changes for the Brickfields community. The changes to the transport infrastructure will connect missing links and supposedly reduce traffic congestion in the area.

See the slides here courtesy of Edwin Wang

However, many other residents of many other areas of the Klang Valley will confidently say that connecting missing links can often lead to increased traffic congestion, especially if the major bottlenecks are not resolved.

[TRANSIT: Your feedback on the traffic dispersal proposals and Little India makeover are going to be very important. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us. Remember, Jalan Tun Sambanthan is a major public transport corridor!]

2. Article: Pay and display for parking in Putrajaya (The Star) – details about new plans to decrease the amount of indiscriminate parking in Putrajaya and encourage people to use the Nadi Putra bus service.

[TRANSIT: Information is the key. Set up an easily accessible website and give people the information that they need. They will use the service if they do not have to hunt for the information.]

3.  Update to our posting “They Object” regarding feedback on the LRT public display – including feedback forms from the ad hoc committee in Subang Jaya and updates from the Subang Alam Putra Heights Task Force

4. Articles: Taxi Issues – the Malay Mail and other newspapers continue to highlight issues with taxi services and the coupon system as well as the holistic weakness of the CVLB, in this series of articles published 19 October:

[TRANSIT: Look for a comment soon]

5. Article: Pedal power for Penang (the Star) – Information about the Great Penang Trail Project, a series of bicycle lanes connecting the heritage and inner city areas of Penang

6. Spotted: KTM Construction – G notices that there is construction at Kuala Lumpur station to raise the level of the central platforms.

Construction at KTM Kuala Lumpur station to raise the station platform
Construction at the KTM Kuala Lumpur station to raise the platform. Image courtesy of G

7. Spotted: Enforcement Officers – G also spotted some enforcement officers taking action and suggested that we share it with you.

Intercity touting outside Kota Raya market
Touting for intercity service outside Kota Raya. Image courtesy of G
JPJ Summon Metrobus in KL
JPJ Summon Metrobus in KL. Image courtesy of G
JPJ summons at Central Market
JPJ Officers summon taxi drivers at Central Market. Image courtesy of G

8. Article: Reckless motorists causing city gridlock (Streets) – more investigation from the local media regarding congestion in the city.

9. Issue: LRT Public Display – Our posting on local feedback on the LRT extension proposals has been updated; see it here.

10. Article: Govt seeks public feedback to improve national unity (the Star) – The Prime Minister’s Performance and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) chaired by Idris Jala has introduced a website, and encouraged Malaysians to give feedback on national issues listed under the 6 Key Result Areas.

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Looks good enough, but I’m still awaiting a solution that meets the needs of the buses. With the land available around KL Sentral, it’s sad that a proper bus terminal has yet been incorporated into any development.

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