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Updates #41

Updates #41 1. Letter: Second North-South link: We don’t need it (NST) – Faiz Ishak comments on the proposed Taiping-Banting highway and expresses his preference for better public transport. 2. Letter:¬†KTMB pledges to reward its retirees (The Star) – Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, Managing Director of KTMB writes this letter in response to a letter entitled¬†Offer […]

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Concession fares for college students

TRANSIT takes note of this letter by Esther, a college student from KL who argues that the college students with current college ID should have the opportunity to benefit from the concession fares and Pas Bulanan Konsesi / Concession Monthly Pass offered by RapidKL. At present, these fares and Pas Konsesi are only offered to […]