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Final draft of Greater KL/KV masterplan now on SPAD website (Update #1 – guess what)

Update: It is interesting to note that this post is TRANSIT’s 888th published post!

TRANSIT notes that the final draft of the Greater Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley masterplan has now been posted to the SPAD website under the section about the National Public Transport Masterplan (which, incidentally, should be posted to the SPAD website in December 2011).

You can find the Greater KL / KV masterplan at this link:

Links to the documents can also be seen after the jump

Here is the information and links as posted to the SPAD website:

The Greater KL/ Klang Valley Land Public Transport Master Plan sets out an integrated 20 year plan to transform land public transport in the region responding to local needs and aspirations, and providing consistency with the DBKL City Plan, the Structure and Local Plans within Selangor and the Putrajaya Plan. The NKRA had previously researched land public transport issues in the region and developed an initial set of initiatives to improve land public transport in the Greater KL/ Klang Valley Region. The Greater KL/ Klang Valley Land Public Transport Master Plan builds on these to provide a 20 year plan to aid the aspiration for a World Class City.

The Greater KL/ Klang Valley Land Public Transport Master Plan is an assembly of the policy instruments, modal proposals and transformation plans with a delivery plan for implementation, funding sources and outlines the requirements for performance monitoring.

The Greater KL/Klang Valley Land Public Transport Master Plan is supported by six Subsidiary Plans.

  • Urban Rail Development Plan (URDP) sets basis for the development of urban rail services and future corridors in the GKL/KV region;
  • Bus Transformation Plan (BTP) and Taxi Transformation Plan (TTP) identify the service standards and industry requirements for improvements to these modes;
  • Interchange & Integration Plan (IIP) demonstrates the methods that can be adopted to link the modes develop the first and last mile and reduce the barriers of using public transport
  • Land Use Plan (LUP) and Travel Demand Management Plan (TDMP) identify those supporting measures to assist the development of public transport in the Region.

Together these provide an integrated land public transport plan for the Greater KL/Klang Valley Region.

No. Draft Documents Download Links
1. Greater KL/ Klang Valley  LPTMP Executive Summary
Main Document
1.1 Urban Rail Development Plan Main Document
1.2 Bus Transformation Plan Main Document
1.3 Taxi Transformation Plan Main Document
1.4 Interchange and Integration Plan Main Document
1.5 Land Use Plan Main Document
1.6 Travel Demand Management Plan Main Document


As you can imagine, there is a lot of reading ahead for us.

TRANSIT will be posting comments & feedback on the masterplan soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to read the plan with information on the KL Monorail, MRT Line 2 & 3, KL Monorail extension, and KTM Komuter upgrade. As you may expect, some of this information has been shared already with the launching of the MRT project.

What interests TRANSIT is the same as always – our focus is not on the infrastructure but rather the improvements to service and policy that must come about. We want to see a transformation in public transport, not just more infrastructure and more of the same.

7 replies on “Final draft of Greater KL/KV masterplan now on SPAD website (Update #1 – guess what)”


Thanks for catching that. We have fixed the broken links and you can link to the .pdf documents directly from our site.

You are correct that it is a lot of reading. One thing we have already noticed is that there is no clear plan for taking public transport down to the local level, with local organization & management and accountability. There also does not seem to be a provision for including users directly in the planning & organization & management of any future public transport system.

SPAD and Prasarana need to realize that public transport systems work best when they are fundamentally local – meaning that organization, management, operations and accountability are very local.

SPAD wants to bring in London’s Gross Cost Contracts model for buses, but does not seem to be paying much attention to the way that Transport for London engages – and is accountable to – Londoners in general and public transport users in particular.

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT


We haven’t been able to write a complete post on the masterplan yet – just short posts on different components. Hopefully we will get things together in the next few weeks. For the moment, we are encouraging the public to give feedback directly to SPAD.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT.

ps. sorry for the delay in our response.

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