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Hentian Putra remains open while bus lanes closed for repair until 31 October

TRANSIT took note of this announcement regarding the closure of the internal bus lanes at Hentian Putra, the bus terminal near the Putra World Trade Centre, Hentian Putra KTM Komuter halt, and PWTC LRT station.

The repairs are expected to be completed by 31 October.

Putra terminal bus lanes closed (The Star)

Sunday September 11, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: The bus lane at Putra bus terminal has been closed to all express buses since Thursday for Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to carry out repair works on the building floor.

DBKL corporate planning manager Dr Ismail Stapa said the closure would be on until Oct 31.

In a statement, he said buses would pick up and download passengers at three alternative designated bases outside the building.

He said that the drivers should not use the bases for parking. — Bernama

[TRANSIT: Good luck with that.]


The announcement of the closure of the bus lanes at Hentian Putra reminds the members of TRANSIT that Hentian Putra is an aging building, designed for another era of public transport.

And in the near future, Hentian Putra will find itself empty, as eastbound express buses are to be moved to the future Integrated Transport Terminal near Gombak LRT station. That project has barely started because of widening of the MRRII, and may even end up stalled because of financial difficulties – but the plan remains.

TRANSIT is especially interested to know what will be happening with Hentian Putra when bus services are moved to “Terminal Putra” at Gombak (Terminal PUTRA was the original name for the station when it was the PUTRA or Putraline).

We have already proposed that Hentian Putra be reused as a park & ride facility, serving the west side Kuala Lumpur’s urban centre, as well as a staging area for stage buses serving points to the west and north.

It would also make an excellent station for RapidKL City Shuttle Buses and taxis serving KL-town.

As always, we welcome your thoughts about TRANSIT’s crazy ideas. Please email us or comment in the space below.

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