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KTM Update: More photos of our new KTM Komuter trains

TRANSIT took note of a recent update on China’s Hunan News about the new KTM Komuter trains.

The photos from this segment are notable because they show photos of the train’s interior, including features like air conditioning, overhead grab bar, active route map, and others.

The original link to the segment is here. Once you open the site it should launch a video showing the train rolling out for the ceremony, with the Minister of Transport engaging in a cute gimmick activity for the cameras.

The front of the train before rolling out for the ceremony. Note the livery on the doors of the train beside it. Image courtesy of CCTV

Passenger Area

Image of the interior of future Komuter trains showing an overhead grab bar and the vents for the air conditioning system. The space between the two grab bars is probably for a doorway. Image courtesy of CCTV.
This image of the interior highlights the open gangways between train carriages. Also take note of the LED display, CCTV system, vertical & overhead stanchions (grab bars) and the longitudinal seating. Image courtesy of CCTV.


At least 10 seats in a longitudinal setting, allowing more room for standing passengers. Image courtesy of CCTV.

Driver’s Cab

The driver's cab for the new Komuter trains. Image courtesy of CCTV.

Active Route Map

The active route map lights up showing the route & direction & stations serviced & to be serviced. Senawang & Sg. Gadut have been included in the map. Take note of the station codes.

You may wish to note that a gap has been placed in the code system to allow for a future KTM Komuter station at Abdullah Hukum.

13 replies on “KTM Update: More photos of our new KTM Komuter trains”

You may want to choose to upload your images to other sites, they are NOT visible to user who are not login into imageshack 😦

That’s unfortunate. Perhaps you can try the KTM Railway thread on

We could also download & safe the photos then upload again, but that will take a little bit of time.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

having newer trains is not the indication of service level of KTM Komuter. I don’t mind existing train is the service is reliable, frequent and fast. No point of getting new trains if the current poor service is maintained.

Oh my God, the new train makes the present EMU commuter units looks like stone age transport. It also makes the ETS and KLIA ERL train looks like Mickey Mouse toy from the 1960’s. They are a lot faster too running at 140km/h. But I’m relief they finally have adequate station, messages and announcement LED display units inside the train for the hearing impaired besides having proper wheelchair space and harness and other visually impaired facilities for the blind. I hope they will greatly improve KTM commuter services with these new high tech coaches and maintain it properly. No more first class facilities and third world/class maintenance NONSENSE!!! Thank you!!!

` @Jeffrey

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it makes the KLIA erl look stone age, I think aesthetically the ERL is more beautiful compared to the new EMU (something to do with the paint job.) While the KLIA erl can easily be upgraded to have LED station announcements at the doors.

That being said, most of the KTM stations still look like crap and have a really malnourished 70s look. Added to that, the poor ventilation and lighting at their flagship kl sentral. I’d say KTM has still a long way to go.


It’s a good observation. Now, with only 2 stations for KLIA Express and 5 stations for KLIA Transit, would there be any point in investing money into LED route map signage?

TRANSIT would rather see improved wheelchair access in the trains, or improved signage for OKU passengers first.

Adding a few more stations and more trains to KLIA Transit – and maybe extending it northwards to Sentul* … would also be interesting to see.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

*YTL Corporation has a major investment in the Express Rail Link which runs the KLIA Transit and KLIA Express services. They also have a major investment at Sentul through their YTL Land subsidiary.

I m not interested to open the site, look at the train.Enough of entertainment. Are all these public feed backs or the work of lobbyists?? I wonder!
It is the duty of Transit to be more discerning, just like the case of submarine, get to the chain of the transaction.

@The Watcher

Pardon us if we do not understand your comment. Telling people about the facilities & design of the new train is not “entertainment” as it is important and useful information for public transport users who will occupy these trains.

As for the “duty of TRANSIT” well, we have already made it known that we are concerned about the method in which the trains were purchased and we expressed those concerns to MPs who are members of the Parliamentary Select Committee that looks at these issues. As for “getting to the chain of the transaction” TRANSIT does not employ forensic auditors or have ‘deep throats’ (secret sources) within KTMB so we do not have any information or evidence of wrongdoing.

If you have any evidence of wrongdoing, please file a report with the PDRM and / or MACC and tell your wakil rakyat.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

KTM Komuter services have improved like leaps & bounds with the new trains, unlike across the Causeway which strives to drive passengers mad. For the 3rd day in a row, Singapore MRT suffered huge service disruptions. It has been proven that almost no working day in Singapore goes without getting stucked in the tunnel & arriving a few hours late for work.

Hence, those who still think that Singapore have world-class public transportation should admit that all these while they have been foolded by the propaganda corrupt Singapore media.


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