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No bus for you, Jalan Permai in Seremban! Ok lah, 1 bus for you.

TRANSIT took note of this article informing about the limited resumption of bus service passing along Jalan Permai in Seremban.

The Seremban Town Service had recently stopped serving the route. The complaints of the residents were highlighted in a recent article in the Star Metro as well as a post by TRANSIT.

The resumption of service may be seen as good news but the fact is that the major concerns of public transport users have still not been resolved.

Bus service to housing estates resumes (Star Metro)

Monday September 5, 2011

BUS service to several housing estates along Jalan Permai has resumed after leaving residents stranded for almost two months.

The Seremban Town Service (STS) company suddenly stopped servicing the routes and residents had to depend on taxis to take them to their destinations.

The service resumed on Aug 22 and it was a welcome relief to the residents, especially senior citizens who depended on the bus as a cheap mode of transport.

Mary Theresa, 82, who works in Kemayan Square, about 2km from her house has been walking to work if she fails to flag down a taxi.

“I spent quite a bit on taxi fare with my small salary and I am glad it is all over,” said Theresa, who used to fork out RM8 for a taxi or RM2 if she was able to share the fare with three others.

While it is good news for senior citizens and schoolchildren, some residents feel the bus company should increase the frequency.

Chin Ah Teng, 65, said there was only one bus servicing the route and if it is broken down, the residents would be stranded.

Chin feels that if the company increases the frequency from the present 90 minutes and keep to the schedule, they would be able to pick up more passengers along the route.


See how bad the public transport situation in this country is? We complain about waiting more than 10-15 minutes for a bus in the Klang Valley but just south of us in Seremban, people are happy if a frequency of 90 minutes could be improved a little bit.

They would probably be ecstatic if they were able to get the 60 minute service frequencies they used to have.

Again, TRANSIT has to mention the whole unexplained, unannounced shutdown of bus services – something which is not limited to Seremban and is actually happening in many suburban housing estates and rural areas in various parts of Peninsular Malaysia.

While SPAD is addressing the MRT issues (which should really be the job of Prasarana and/or MRT Co.) who is addressing the issue of basic bus services?

TRANSIT was recently asked if public transport should be considered as a human right, and therefore, a responsibility of the government.

Our response what that we should consider access to society & opportunity as a human right, and ensuring this access as a responsibility of all members of society, as well as the government.

In other words, it is a responsibility of the government & the public to ensure that people have access to society. Public transport is only a part of this but it is a very important part.

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