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Updates #87

Updates #87

1. Article: Three passengers injured after bus skids into ditch (Malay Mail, 26 May 2011)

Three passengers were injured after a KL-bound express bus from the East Coast hit a divider and skidded into a ditch at Km20.4, Karak Highway.

The SANI Express bus that hit the road divider on 25 May 2011. Image courtesy of Malay Mail.

2. Letter: Worried over pedestrian bridge’s safety (NST, 27 May 2011) – Zahara of KL expresses concern over the safety of the new pedestrian bridge at Desa Samarak, because of the lack of a mid-span support pillar.

The bridge in question. — Picture by Ahmad Irham Mohd Noor (NST)

3. Article: Pikat rakyat guna kemudahan awam (Harian Metro, hb. 23 Mei 2011)

4. Letter: Call for wholesome solution(Malay Mail, 19 May 2011) – Nawawi argues against separated bus lanes and calls for other significant measures to reduce traffic in KL – and he is prepared for KL to become a ghost town if necessary.

5. Article: Waive RM12 airport taxi surcharge (NST, 25 May 2011) – Complaints about a new RM12 taxi surcharge for travelers to Senai Airport.

6. Letter: Bad experience at new station (Malay Mail, 23 May 2011) – Rokiah Md. Sidek complains about a bad experience at Puduraya.

7. Letter: Privatise KTM Komuter services (Malay Mail, 20 May 2011) – @Unhappy & annoyed Malaysian argues that KTM Komuter services should be privatized.

8. Hotline: Not so ‘sedap’ train breakfast (Malay Mail, 26 May 2011) Audrey Chooi complains about a poor service experience on the Platinum ETS train.

9. Hotline: Made to buy another bus ticket (Malay Mail 20 May 2011) – Paschal Herrera was forced to buy another First Coach bus ticket from Singapore after misplacing his return ticket. He is upset that he could not be accommodated since his personal details were already in the company’s system.

One reply on “Updates #87”

That is why I always emphasize on making a nationwide (electrified/high speed) railtrack network for our public transport system. To be franky with you, I have totally 100% lost confidence about our bus safety record due to the countless accidents and lost of lives caused by our so called efficient bus transport system. It has been proven that railway/train is at least 14 times safer than buses. I have totally disgusted and feel like to puke about the number of lives lost due to the bus accidents shennenigans. No doubt to build a railway track system nationwide is very expensive but I strongly believe our precious lives worth more than that and we have to prepare to pay more for this kind of public transport service. Even when the government was suggesting high speed Bus Rapid Transit system with special barricaded/fenced lanes dedicated to buses, I was very sceptical and have lots of doubts about its safety standards too. I’m sorry to say that I will try my best to avoid any means to take a (public/travel) bus for any long distance journey unless I really have no choice but to do so.

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