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MRT Update: group wants MRT Sub-line to Kepong

TRANSIT took note of this article detailing a proposal from the Federal Territory Gerakan to build an MRT “sub-line” to Kepong.

Apparently the line (as proposed) would start in Bukit Bintang and follow a more northern route through KL and Jinjang before finishing in Kepong.

Build MRT sub-line to Kepong, SPAD urged (The Star)
Saturday April 30, 2011

THE Federal Territory Gerakan wants the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to extend the MRT system to Kepong because it is a high density area with heavy traffic.

They are proposing a sub-line from Bukit Bintang to Kepong connecting Taman Ehsan, Jinjang and Taman Desa Jaya.

They also want problems related to parking, connectivity and fare rate to be addressed.

Problems faced by the present transport system should be taken into consideration to rectify issues connected to the MRT line, Gerakan said.

However, they said the project must begin on schedule because material cost would increase if there was any delay.

FT Gerakan will be submitting their proposal to SPAD today to get things moving.

Its state secretary, Dr Wong Ruen Yuan, said location, high density and practicality were some of the major concerns.

Several meetings were held since last year together with non-governmental organisations, residents associations as well as taxi and bus operators to come up with the proposals and raise common issues with the transportation system.

“We want the issues tackled because congestion is bad in the city and if you look at Singapore, there are not many cars on the road because people prefer to use the MRT.

“The MRT should be convenient and cheap for users because some of the problems with the LRT are lack of parking space, feeder bus connectivity from housing areas and stations not located strategically,” he said.

He added that using public transport would help promote a green environment and allow the government to save in terms of petrol subsidy.

Dr Wong said it was a valid request by people that the MRT lines go underground because it would save a lot of problems for the government in acquiring land.

“In Hong Kong, there are many shops underground.

“It is all about costing if they go underground, so if they spend more now, they can make their money back,” said Dr Wong.

He added that there was no point building a station or line if people were not going to use it.


We always find it interesting when people give their 2 cents about the MRT and the design of the LRT. This proposal from Gerakan is interesting but one has to wonder why they could not look at a simpler proposal – LRT or Bus-Rapid Transit along Jalan Kuching/Jalan Kepong to Kepong Sentral. This would integrate with a BRT running along the MRRII.

Indeed, a look at the alignment of Jalan Kuching and Jalan Kepong (especially Jalan Kepong) shows that there is enough space for an LRT to be built above the road.

Alternatively, there is enough room along most of Jalan Kepong and Jalan Kuching to shift the roadway and build a bus-rapid transit system using the median lanes.

TRANSIT prefers the LRT option, because it would provide an urban rail connection between Kepong and the northern edge of urban KL. The KTM Komuter service (with stations at Kepong and Kepong Sentral) is only as effective as the existing service. A further extension of the LRT to Bandar Utama would connect the LRT to the MRT, improving passenger movements in the northern parts of Petaling Jaya.

In the long term, the LRT could be extended through Petaling Jaya in the north-south direction – providing a public transport alternative to the LDP.

7 replies on “MRT Update: group wants MRT Sub-line to Kepong”

Interesting. Now Kepong demands MRT. This was part of original Gamuda MRT network proposal isn’t?

The logic prevail. The traffic on LDP (from 1-Utama) is heavier north to Kepong/Sg Buloh (on 4 lanes) compare to turning left into Persiaran Surian (on 2 lanes) into Kota Dmnsara (simply just due to the bottleneck at Curve, Sunway Dsara traffic light junction)

I absolutely agreed with Transit on need of North-South LRT line (a.k.a. KV Circle Line as per Fikir Runding network proposal) from Bandar Utama, with a station each at Flora Damansara, Bandar Sri Damansara, Tmn Bkt Maluri, Kepong Sentral, Metro Prima, Jinjang Utara, Jinjang Selatan, Pekan Batu, Jalan Ipoh (2-3 stations) before entering KL city. Alternatively, it can move east-ward toward Sentul and merged with the STAR LRT line.

A southbound N-S LRT / KV Circle line, should cater Dmansara Uptown, Damansara Jaya/Kim, Tmn Bahagia interchange, Sg Way FTZ, KTMB Seri Setia, Bandar Sunway, Sunway Pyramid, USJ South, Pusat Bdr Puchong etc..

SPAD should look seriously into all these matured and well-research proposal. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking that this line should be made concurrently with SBK MRT line to save costs.

now everyone wants a piece of the MRT pie. first, it was Shah Alam, then PJS, now Kepong. Can’t please everyone with RM50b, right? well, there might be a solution. BRT is cheaper to implement all around KL, with spare change from the RM50b. but, we have a govt bent on spending RM50b on MRT to solve ALL of KL public transport woes. good luck!

I fully 100% support a sub MRT line deviated to Kepong area, but unfortunately due to our government red tapes, corruptions, grafts, inefficient decision making mechanism, I really doubt that it will happen. You just wait and see.

@ Jerping.

Dunno after this which area next want MRT… Ha3

Yes, BRT is cheaper to implement but not all corridors, trunk road & highways are suitable. BRT will be BCT (Bus Crawling Transit) with poor services (too slow, unreliable schedule, long intervals, need many buses etc) on Federal Highway 1 PJ, all stretch of LDP, eastern part of MRR2, Jln Ipoh, Jln Kepong, Jln Klang Lama, Lebuhraya Mahameru etc…

BRT are suitable on ELITE, NPE, Penchala Link, KESAS, Jln Kuching, DUKE, Federal Highway 2 Shah Alam, GUTHRIE Highway, SPRINT Highway, SILK highway, Sg Besi Expressway etc. These BRT may not center towards KL but rather serving their residential-commercial corridors..


Perhaps you are confusing terminologies. Bus Rapid Transit is rapid transit using buses. Rapid Transit has stop spacing of between 800m and 1800m (in most cases, depending on the areas served).

Hence, Bus Rapid Transit (operating in bus lanes) would be operating on Federal Highway, MRRI & MRRII, Jalan Kuching, Kepong and Jalan Klang Lama.

If you are operating on toll expressways with very limited access you are not operating Rapid Transit – you are operating a premium bus service for commuters like the Klang Valley’s Bus Expressway Transit (BET) or RapidKL E buses (of which there are only 2 routes now).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi Moaz, Tks for clarification. Yes I’ve been thinking of opposite. Yup, BRT should work fine on those roads/highways.

Yes. We have limited budget and cannot pleased everyone for MRT next door. Therefore priority should be given. I think the priority are :-
1) Petaling Jaya (Utara, Selatan)
2a) Circle Line (depend on it’s alignment)
2b) Kepong

(I retract my support for Port Klang / Shah Alam line but I strongly support the LRT sub-line extension to Stadium Shah Alam. Good highways network and population concentration may not justify compared other area in need. Transit, pls remove my earlier posting in this latest assessment. Tq.)

Entering KL city center, the priority are :-
1) Jalan Raja Chulan (2 stations just as Bukit Bintang two very good stations in SBK line)
2) Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman (1-2 stations)
3) Jalan Tun Razak (2 stations)

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