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ETS Update: New fares and ‘packages’ beginning 1 May 2011

TRANSIT took note of a very interesting article in KOSMO! announcing the new ETS fare scheme which will begin on 1 May 2011.

The new fares are introduced as three ‘packages’ namely silver, gold and platinum. Platinum trains will serve only 3 stations (Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and KL Sentral). Gold trains will serve 8 stations (Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Kampar, Slim River, Tanjung Malim, Rawang, Kuala Lumpur and KL Sentral). Silver trains will serve 19 stations from Ipoh down to Seremban.

For more information on the fares & services, see the fare table here.

Tambang baru ETS 1 mulai Mei (KOMSO!)

KUALA LUMPUR – Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) mengumumkan kadar baru tambang Khidmat Keretapi Elektrik (ETS) yang akan berkuat kuasa esok.

Presidennya, Dr. Aminuddin Adnan berkata, tiket akan dijual pada tiga harga berbeza dalam tiga pakej baru iaitu Silver (RM25), Gold (RM35) dan Platinum RM45.

[TRANSIT: Tambang-Tambang ke-atas untuk laluan Ipoh – KL sahaja.]

“Sebenarnya ini merupakan harga tambang siling yang diselaraskan oleh kerajaan sejak perkhidmatan ETS dimulakan pada Ogos tahun lalu tetapi demi kepentingan pelanggan, harga konsesi iaitu RM30 diperkenalkan selama enam bulan sehingga 28 Februari lalu sebelum dilanjutkan sehingga 30 April 2011,” katanya selepas majlis menghantar pasukan hoki New Zealand ke Ipoh menggunakan ETS di sini semalam.

Beliau berkata, selaras dengan tambang baru itu, pihaknya memperkenalkan diskaun antara 20 dan 75 peratus kepada lima golongan iaitu pesara kerajaan, warga emas, orang kelainan upaya, kakitangan KTMB dan pelajar.

“Lima golongan ini hanya perlu menunjukkan Mykad, kad pelajar atau kad persaraan untuk mendapatkan diskaun,” jelasnya.

Jelas beliau, jumlah pengguna ETS pula meningkat sejak awal tahun ini apabila mencatatkan 45,800 orang pada Januari, 52,150 (Februari) dan 57,900 bulan lalu.

An summary of the article in English can be found below

New ETS fares starting 1 May
30 April 2011

KUALA LUMPUR – Malayan Railway Berhad (KTMB) has announced new fare rates for the Electric Train Service (ETS) which will take effect tomorrow.

Its president, Dr. Aminuddin Adnan said tickets will be sold at three different prices in the three packages of Silver (RM25), Gold (RM35) and Platinum (RM45).

[TRANSIT: These fares are for trips from Ipoh – KL only.]

“This new fare ceiling price was approved by the government when the ETS service started in August last year, but in the interests of customers, a price concession (RM30 for six months until February 28, 2011) was introduced. It was later extended until 30 April 2011,” he said in Ipoh yesterday.

He also said that in line with the new fares, the government would introduce a discount of between 20 and 75 per cent to five groups, namely government pensioners, senior citizens, the OKU, KTMB staff and students.

Members of those “five groups only need to show MyKad, student card or pension card to get discounts,” he said.

He said the ETS has seen increases in the the number of users since early this year – recording 45,800 (January), 52,150 (February) and 57,900 last month.


TRANSIT is disappointed by the short notice of the announcement and somewhat confused by the introduction of “silver, gold and platinum’ packages – replacing the “Eskpres” & “transit” services offered in the past. However, in some ways it makes sense that KTMB would want to offer a distinct service marketed to their customers.

We would have preferred something in line with KTMB’s corporate colours – Blue, Gold and Platinum, for example.

For more information about ETS service, visit their website: or 1-300-88-5862

5 replies on “ETS Update: New fares and ‘packages’ beginning 1 May 2011”

I hope they will have packages like Virgin Train in UK where if you bought the ticket in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester etc going down to London they can directly use the same ticket to take rides on London buses and certain underground (the tube/metro) lines, no need to change or repurchase any ticket. RAPIDKL and KTM have to really plan this upon the CONVENIENCE and COMFORT of the passengers in the first place!!! NOT PROFITS!!!

That is something that would be quite welcome – to make it happen we need a strong voice for the management and organization of public transport in KL – one that can look beyond business, competition & profits.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

@ Jeffrey,

You know that & is probably to advance for us. We can’t even fix our LRT one ticketing. Trust me that we’ll not take place here while we alive probably. The decentralized, mis-management & politicking governing all our land, rails transport bodies are just suffocating.

I went and ask regarding student discount for ets in ktm station. But they told me that such discount doesnt exist. And there are no information regarding those discounts in ets website.

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