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Meanwhile, the issues continue at TBSBTS

While TRANSIT has been pleased by the return of Puduraya to activity, we continue to be disappointed by the noise coming out of Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan – the bus terminal which only opened to the public at the beginning of the last month.

Here is a short summary of what has happened in the past few days:

1. Bus operators who refused to use the TBS management’s centralized computer ticketing system demanded their own ticketing counters – but now some operators are unhappy that their ticket counters were located in a “less visible area” (allegedly causing a drop in sales) and demanded relocation to a more prominent and visible area.

2. Terminal Management Company T-MAS responded by stating that the bus operators could take their case up with SPAD since the regulator had approved the location of the counters – and the area that the bus operators wanted to relocate to was actually an arrival area that needed to be kept clear.

3. At this point, TRANSIT was concerned and upset by the placing of SPAD within the issue – suggesting that perhaps SPAD was micromanaging the terminal. Hence, we posed a question to SPAD Chair Syed Hamid Albar using his twitter feed. We also pointed out that these arguments in the media arena were not appropriate and should be handled in a better manner.

4. Terminal Management Company T-MAS retracted their statement that operators should take the issue up with SPAD, and stated that the decision had been made collectively by government agencies, bus operators & terminal management. The representative from T-MAS also apologized for their earlier statement.

5. SPAD CEO Nor Ismal Kamal, in a statement, clarified that the collective decision had been to build new counters opposite the existing shared counters, and the decision to locate the counters was made by T-MAS based on the advise of its architect. He also described the statement that SPAD was responsible for the decision as “wrong” and “irresponsible.”

And in the meantime, TRANSIT members gave their collective heads a shake, with one member muttering “first-world infrastructure, third-world mentality” again and again.

yes, ladies & gentlemen – the goings-on at TBSBTS are driving us crazy.

2 replies on “Meanwhile, the issues continue at TBSBTS”

I’m imagining the condition if the counter ticket based on company were materialize fully, there will be bunch peoples shouting here and there to force people to buy their ticket at their own booth. really like pasar malam. i hate that.

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