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Updates #81

Updates #81

1.Article: Enter the electric trishaw in Penang (Star Metro) – an electric trishaw is introduced for the Penang State Museum & Art Gallery’s 46th Anniversary.

Welsh tourist Sian Wintle gets a free ride on a motor-assisted trishaw driven by Abdul Latiff. Image courtesy of The Star.
The trishaws motor assist runs on a lithium polymer battery. Image courtesy of The Star.

2. Article:  Don’t let trishaw riders ruin Penang’s image(NST, 15 April 2011) – This article also mentions the motor assisted trishaw, but starts off with complaints about the appearance of trishaw men, laments that some don’t have enough stamina to ferry ‘heavily built’ European & American tourists, and demands that the government regulate trishaw fares so that they do not jump with the introduction of motor assisted trishaws.

[TRANSIT: Who should regulate trishaw services? The Land Public Transport Commission? They still have to regulate the Penang taxis and get them to use the meter! The Ministry of Tourism? What do they know about trishaws? The Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang? Perhaps, but most local councils claim that ‘transport is a federal responsibility’ …]

3. Letter: The electric bicycle is different from e-bike (The Star, 15 April 2011) – Haseena Begum Ibrahim of Batu Caves writes to clarify the differences between “electric bicycles” and “e-bikes.”

4. Letter: Give MRT 1 a chance to take off (The Star, 15 April 2011) – “A Realist” of Petaling Jaya argues that the MRT project should get more support and acceptance from the public.

5. Letter: Tackling Komuter service woes (NST, 14 April 2011) – S. Amatha of KL comments on KTM Komuter service.

6. Letter: Transit card woes resolved (NST, 17 April 2011) – RapidKL responds to this 4 April complaint about problems with the “Rabbit Card” (the card used for the New Bus Ticketing System), as well as 7 April complaint about slow movement on the Ampang LRT line.

7. Letter: Underground rail will ease congestion (NST 17 April 2011) – Z.M. of KL expresses support for an underground MRT.

8. Article: SPAD steps up on public transport enforcement (The Star, 18 April 2011) – in a continuing series of articles about the Government Transformation Programme, this article updates on enforcement plans from SPAD.

9. Article: Summonses issued for vehicles obstructing traffic (The Star, 20 April 2011) – The DBKL, JPJ, SPAD and DoE held an Ops Halang exercise in KL recently.

3 replies on “Updates #81”

trishaws, cycle rickshaws, pedicab, bikecab, cyclo, becak or rickshaw, all the same variation, would be great for seniors to go for groceries and helping a crippled friend enjoy the neighbourhood a little faster than the wheelchair pusher. so with the baby-boomers flooding the malls and the price of gas hitting a buck and a half…. why are these bikecabs NOT available in CANADA, damn oil companies, got to control everything.

Hi Kris

Human-pulled rickshaws can be found in downtown Toronto. Pedalled trishaws can also be found in Toronto.

This webpage lists many international pedicab and rickshaw services. It is a very impressive list.

Both Toronto and Montreal also have elaborate bicycle-sharing programmes (Toronto starting next week with 1000 cycles, Montreal with 5000 cycles since they started last year).

If you do not have such a service where you are, why not start one? There might be demand in certain areas (town centre, university campus, hospital) and advertising revenue can help pay the costs of the operations.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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