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Puduraya reopens on 16 April (Update #5)

  • Update: David Goh explains in this letter why he was not happy with some aspects of the reopened Puduraya!
  • Update: This article in The Star describes some of the issues at the reopened Puduraya – of course most passengers are very happy with the new facilities – it is the communication issues that need to be managed!
  • Update: Bukit Jalil temporary terminal is now closed – please go to Puduraya or Terminal Bersepadu Selatan for your regular bus trips!
  • Update: Check out these photos of Puduraya from, another public transport blogger in Malaysia!
  • Update: Puduraya has reopened. Read the article, Puduraya terminal operational, in Bernama!

TRANSIT took note of this article confirming that Puduraya is ready to reopen to “intercity buses” and “northbound express buses” on 16 April 2011. We chose this article because it gives some good details about the layout of Puduraya – a way to help inform the public.

Puduraya reopens tomorrow (NST, 14 April 2011)

A worker mopping the floor of the platform in anticipation of tomorrow’s opening. Image courtesy of NST.

KUALA LUMPUR: The 36-year-old Puduraya bus terminal will reopen as scheduled tomorrow.

The upgrading work which took 12 months are virtually complete. Only minor installation work such as placement of sign boards and fitting in the ramps remain.

UDA Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan said the bus terminal would cater to north-bound express buses and also serve as the hub for inter-city buses.

There are a total of 1,292 seats in the waiting areas on the ground floor, mezzanine and first floor. The 22 auto-gate system platforms are on the ground floor. There is a baby changing room, toilets for the disabled and 80 retail outlets.

The ticket counters are located at zones A and B on the first floor. This floor is also equipped with information display monitors. The information counter is located in the central area. At the second floor there is a locker area, lobby, and a surau.

The third floor remains as a public parking area. The food court is on the fourth floor with 46 stalls and seating for 600 people.

Jaafar said more than 70 bus operators will be operating at the terminal, sharing 50 ticket counters.

“We have reduced the number by half so that the passengers can purchase their bus tickets smoothly. Furthermore, we are moving towards online ticket purchases or e-ticketing which will be in operation latest by June.”

With the e-ticketing system in place, passengers can buy bus tickets ahead of time and collect them at the counter.

Jaafar said the operation team was carrying out trial runs on the bus operation and traffic dispersal system in Jalan Puduraya.

“Buses are only allowed to wait for passengers at the platform bays for 20 minutes,” he said.

He added that after dropping passengers, the express buses will stop at the bus depot near the Bukit Aman police headquarters where there are 120 parking bays, before their next scheduled trip.

He said Uda would be taking over the management of the Puduraya Hotel which will be renamed AnCasa Express hotel, after refurbishment work is completed in June.

For tout control, Jaafar said the Road Transport Department would set up an office at the terminal to monitor the illegal activity.

Jaafar said the rental for the outlets had been increased.

“Previously, the rental for the retail and kiosk outlets were between RM800 and 1,500. The new rental is between RM1,000 and RM2,300 depending on the size of the units.

“The new rental fee for the food court will be between RM4,000 to RM5,000 per lot per month. Previously it was around RM2,000.”

He said all the retail outlet and kiosk operators had received their keys and were ready to open.

The Duta bus terminal, which caters for north-bound buses, will remain open, he said


We are happy to know that the long-awaited reopening of Puduraya terminal is close at hand.

We’ll leave our comments at that – except to say that the transformation of Puduraya into a clean, bright, air conditioned facility was  an excellent opportunity to have great public relations and create excitement about public transport in Malaysia.

Sadly, this opportunity was totally missed by UDA holdings – which is to their loss.

As you know, TRANSIT is also hoping that SPAD will make its presence felt at the new terminal. The comments in the newspapers are bold, but only actions will lead to results.

"No compromise on ticket touts" says the headline. Said the Zen master: "Well see"

That said, TRANSIT will be at Puduraya on 16 April for a quiet visit and we encourage those who can go there to visit and tell us what they think.

15 replies on “Puduraya reopens on 16 April (Update #5)”

@Bob Dylan

The Gombak terminal is the next step in the plan – construction should have started in November 2010 – but it was delayed because of the widening of the MRRII. Construction is now expected to start “in 2011” and perhaps be completed in 3 years.

Once Gombak is opened, the Pekeliling and Putra terminals will close (and probably be redeveloped). TRANSIT would prefer that the bus terminals be redesigned to accomodate stage buses (and Hentian Putra to accomodate cars for daytime parking) – which would make the bus system (especially the RapidKL City Shuttle) more efficient.

Ideally, stage buses serving Chow Kit area would wait at Hentian Putra instead of along the roads of Chow Kit and Kota Raya. Bus staging can also be done at Klang bus stand and Pasarakyat terminals, as well as the Hang Tuah “temporary” terminal.

Eventually (perhaps by 2016) the Sg. Buloh terminal and hopefully the Shah Alam terminal will complete the bus terminals and move most express buses out of the city.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

@Bob Dylan
This is not going to happen 100%, at least they transfered some of the southbound and east coast bound buses to somewhere else now.

Hi @Metzelder

You are correct that the KL-Seremban buses (and I believe KL-Rawang) buses will be moving to Puduraya.

With Puduraya reopening, express buses will have to use the Hang Tuah terminal for staging. They will drive down Jalan Pudu to Puduraya to pick up their passengers.

Also, it makes more sense that passengers can wait in an air conditioned terminal rather than having to wait at the open air temporary terminal at Hang Tuah.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi @Rainbowbus

We note that the management will be building a special lane outside Puduraya (on Jalan Pudu) for the double decker buses.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Double deckers won’t go down to the platform. The platforms can just accomodate single deckers with barely milimeter gap between the ceilings.

The double deckers will park at the exit of Puduraya at Pulau Boyan.


Southbound buses board at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Puduraya is for northbound buses according to the latest info we have. If anyone has any other information please let us know.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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