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StarBiz features public transport on 26 June 2010 – your feedback is needed!

TRANSIT noted a very large feature section on public transport in the StarBiz Weekly on 26 June, 2010.

We have enclosed the links to the articles, with a short synopsis, for your information and knowledge. The stories are by RISEN JAYASEELAN and SHARIDAN M. ALI and they can be reached at

  • Public transport poised for change – this article looks at the changes to the industry, including the presence of SPAD and the proposals for LRT extensions;
  • MRT offers wider coverage – this article looks at the proposed MRT and the ‘advantages’ that this MRT proposal has as compared to the SPAD proposals (which mostly involve bus lanes and bus-rapid transit.
  • Onus is on Prasarana to play its part – this article focuses on the presence of the “elephant in the room” (the detail we cannot ignore) which is the National Infrastructure Company that owns the LRT & monorail lines and has direct control over 50% of the bus services in the Klang Valley through its “subsidiary” (though “division” would be a more appropriate term) RapidKL.
  • Klang Valley bus service needs restructuring – this article features comments from Nadzmi Salleh, the big boss at Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB) – which is the largest bus operator in Malaysia (Transnasional, Nice, Plusliner, Cityliner and others) – giving his opinion on the state of the industry and the negative effect of having RapidKL (a government-owned company) competing with privately-owned operators.
  • Public transport – another chance to get it right – commentary from Star Biz about what needs to be done to improve public transport as well as what lessons can be learned.
  • Joint effort needed to make KL a world-class city – This article comments on the benefits of a complete public transport system that would link the city to the suburban areas.
  • Your 10 Questions for Dr Aminuddin Adnan – KTM President / Managing Director Dr. Aminuddin Adnan comments on KTMB, the challenges that KTM divisions (freight, intercity) & subsidiaries (Komuter, ETS) are facing, as well as his proposals for privatization.


There is too much above to go through in detail – so let’s just say that you should probably read all of the articles and think very carefully about what kind of public transport system would best meet our needs in the Klang Valley.

Do we need a cost-effective, “built-from-the-ground-up” system that emphasizes efficiency & a complete network? Or do we need a series of line radiating out from the city centre, a massive investment that is sure to bring progress and make KL a “world-class” city.

Or should we just focus on fixing the problems in the industry like government-owned operators vs. privately-owned operators and then let the industry improve itself?

Either way, the decision has to be made, and it has to be made soon – and that is why your feedback is sorely needed!

One reply on “StarBiz features public transport on 26 June 2010 – your feedback is needed!”

This is a brilliant write-up! I only have one question. How do you do it so brilliantly? Everything on this website is so good.

Continue the excellent work!

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