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Updates #49

Updates #49

1. Article: Taxi and bus drivers slapped with fines (The Star) – Another Ops Halang, in the Kota Raya and KLCC areas, saw 200 summonses being issued.

No reprieve: RTD officers issuing summonses to the taxis along Persiaran KLCC. Image courtesy of The Star.

[TRANSIT: Kudos to the various government agencies involved in Ops Halang. However, we wonder if anyone keeps a record of how many of those summonses are actually paid, in a timely fashion.]

2. Two articles discussed the proposed extension of the Ampang LRT from Sentul Timur north (as part of the KL City 2020 Draft Local Plan) through Sentul Village:

3. Letter: CVLB should stay out of transport commission (The Star) – Y.S. Chan of KL writes that the CVLB should not be part of SPAD.

4. Article: Grouses continue regarding Bukit Jalil bus terminal (Malay Mail) – complaints continue about the Bukit Jalil bus terminal and the lack of clear information, traffic congestion, and behaviour of touts and taxi drivers trying to take advantage of the confusion.

5. Hotline: Rapidpass for only 30 days (Malay Mail) – Charles of Ampang complains that the 30 day RapidPass does not account for some of the months in the year that have 31 days.

[TRANSIT: Many public transport operators offer a 31-day pass instead of a monthly pass. We will suggest that RapidKL offer a ‘free day’ or 31 day pass.]

6. Article: KTMB launches Occupational Safety and Health Day (Malay Mail) – self explanatory – but KTM could do a lot for health & safety by installing proper dispensers for hand sanitizer and encouraging people to use it before entering and when exiting the train stations.

7. Hotline: Car knocked twice by bus (Malay Mail) – Deva of Ampang complained to the Malay Mail about being knocked twice by a RapidKL bus. The accident was later reported and the RapidKL driver was found to be at fault.

According to Ebi Azly Abdullah of RapidKL, “If an incident occurs while passengers are still on board, the driver is responsible for ensuring the passengers safely reach their destination prior to making the report at the depot and police station.”

[TRANSIT: We do not agree with the above statement from Ebi. Police reports should be filed immediately, which means that the passengers must disembark. It is RapidKL’s responsibility to make sure that passengers are not inconvenienced by providing another bus. They could have easily called the nearby hubs at Pasar Seni or KL Sentral and asked for a spare.]

8. Hotline: Slow train services to and from work (Malay Mail) – Cheow of Petaling Jaya complains about slow service on the LRT between Taman Paramount and Masjid Jamek, on May 10

[TRANSIT: We were alerted by a tweet from a commuter who ended up waiting 45 minutes for an LRT train on the same date. Our inquiries to RapidKL have received little feedback.]

9. Article: New bus stop at Pandan Perdana (Malay Mail) – self explanatory

10. Article: Kelana Jaya LRT station introduces Park&Ride (Streets-NST) – Payment for Park & Ride at Kelana Jaya LRT station now requires the Touch ‘N’ Go card.

One reply on “Updates #49”

Another issue on the recent shuttle service from Kajang to Ipoh has been terminated. It is now from KL to Ipoh only. I use to take from Kajang every week as I am studying in Semenyih and it was really convenient. Perhaps, there are not enough passengers from Kajang. I feel KTMB should have promoted their shuttle service especially for students because there are numerous colleges and universities in Kajang/Nilai/Bangi. Not many of them knew about this service. I hope KTM would revive back the Kajang-Ipoh service. If they cant do it, they should have discount fares for students for the upcoming ETS service. For now, the kad sahabat antarabandar(student’s discount card) is only applicable for express and shuttle trains. Undeniably, most of the students rely much on public transport.

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