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KTM Update: New Komuter website, route map & station codes introduced

TRANSIT notes that KTM Komuter service has introduced a new website, independent from the existing KTMB website.

This is in keeping with KTMB Managing Director Dr. Aminuddin Adnan’s plan to restructure KTMB and spin off the 4 divisions (Freight, intercity, Komuter and ETS) into separate subsidiary companies.

The new KTM Komuter website is and you can find the link posted to the left side of our website in the list of Public Transport Operators – Malaysia.

When KTM Komuter gets a twitter feed, we will post it to the right side of our website (perhaps replacing @KLMonorail which rarely tweets).

New Route Map

KTM Komuter has introduced a new route map to go with the Komuter website. You can see the full-sized map here.

KTM Komuter route map courtesy of

Please note that at this time there are a few errors in the map that need to be resolved – namely:

  • The fact that MidValley and Seputeh are placed in the wrong order
  • The fact that the “Bus to KLIA” does not clearly refer to Nilai; and finally
  • The colour scheme (who uses brown and blue together?) which is not consistent with KTM Komuter’s corporate colours.
  • Also, what about showing the existing shuttle services on the map so people know what their options are?

Station Codes

One of the interesting things that we do note from the map is the new system of Station Codes, which we will list below:

KA Section (KL Sentral – Tanjung Malim)
KA1 – KL Sentral
KA2 – Kuala Lumpur
KA3 – Bank Negara
KA4 – Putra
KA5 – Segambut
KA6 – Kepong
KA7 – Kepong Sentral
KA8 – Sg. Buloh
KA9 – Kuang
KA10 – Rawang
KA11 – Future Station?
KA12 – Serendah
KA13 – Batang Kali
KA14 – Rasa
KA15 – Kuala Kubu Bharu
KA16 – Tanjung Malim

KB Section (MidValley – Seremban + extension to Sg. Gadut)
KB1 – MidValley (improperly labeled as Seputeh)
KB2 – Seputeh (improperly labeled as MidValley)
KB3 – Selak Selatan
KB4 – Bandar Tasik Selatan
KB5 – Serdang
KB6 – Kajang
KB7 – Future Station? (possibly Kajang Sentral)
KB8 – UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
KB9 – Bangi (improperly labeled as KA9)
KB10 – Future Station? (possibly Nilai 3 or Bdr. Bukit Mahkota?)
KB11 – Batang Benar
KB12 – Nilai (the interchange to KLIA Bus services)
KB13 – Labu
KB14 – Tiroi
KB15 – Seremban
KB16 – Senawang (open 2011)
KB17 – Sg. Gadut (open 2011)

KC Section (Sentul – Batu Caves)
KC1 – Sentul
KC2 – Kem. Batu Kentonmen
KC3 – Kampung Batu
KC4 – Taman Wahyu
KC5 – Batu Caves

KD Section (Angkasapuri to Pelabuhan Klang)
KD1 – Future Station?
KD2 – Angkasapuri
KD3 – Pantai Dalam
KD4 – Petaling
KD5 – Jalan Templer
KD6 – Kg. Dato Harun
KD7 – Seri Setia
KD8 – Setia Jaya
KD9 – Subang Jaya
KD10 – Batu Tiga
KD11 – Shah Alam
KD12 – Padang Jawa
KD13 – Bukit Badak
KD14 – Klang
KD15 – Teluk Pulai
KD16 – Teluk Gadong
KD17 – Kg Raja Uda
KD18 – Jalan Kastam
KD19 – Pelabuhan Klang

21 replies on “KTM Update: New Komuter website, route map & station codes introduced”

Can I know what is the purpose of the codes? Why the codes differ for Tanjong Malim-KL and Midvalley to Seremban?


As far as we can tell, the purpose of the codes is to help identify station on a system map or in a control room scenario – It is also easier to convey information (say, for an electronic trip planner) if you have less information to pass along.

For example, if a computer can recognize KA1 as KL Sentral, then all programmes can use KA1 in programming, rather than “KL Sentral”

Another possible reason is to identify separate rail services – and separate railway subdivision. For example, the Sentul -Pelabuhan Klang and Tg. Malim – Seremban rail lines are treated as a continuous line on the route map, but they actually use 3 separate segments of the railways.

RapidKL is also introducing a code system for the LRT Ampang Line and Kelana Jaya line, and KL Monorail.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

When will the double-track KTM train service between Rawang – Ipoh be started? How much is the fare and will take how long to reach Ipoh railway station? Any shuttle bus service at station to take passengers to Ipoh town area?



KTMB is already running a (diesel) shuttle train service between KL and Ipoh, on the KL-Ipoh-KL route. The cost of the train is RM10 one way. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Ipoh railway station.

The (electric) ETS service is targeted to start in the middle of July. Right now we do not know what the fare is but expect it will be in the range of RM30-40 (transit service) / RM50-60 (Express service). Transit service should take a little bit less than 3 hours, while the expectation is 2 hours 20 minutes for express service.

As for shuttle service, there is no service offered by KTM, but there are bus services in Ipoh from the bus terminal which is next to the train station.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


The timetable for the KL Sentral – Rawang segment can be found here.

The timetable for the Rawang-Tg. Malim segment can be found here.

The cost of the fare is RM7.00 / RM14.00.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

KD1 must be the future station at KL Eco City which will be side by side with KJ Line Abdullah Hukum Station


That is quite possible. We have been telling KTM for quite some time to build a station at Abdullah Hukum as the interchange is necessary – especially in line with future developments.

It is quite possible that the MRT Circle Line will also run through the area – meaning Abdullah Hukum could become a 3-station interchange station … quite a change from the sleepy station that it is today.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

if i want to go Gemas, negri sembilan by train, which route should i take? because i dont see any station that stop at Gemas

Hi @Adila

KTM Komuter does not serve Gemas yet. However, it was recently extended to Sg. Gadut.

I do not know what your origin is so I cannot give you a specific advice, but coming from KL you have the option of taking an intercity train direct from KL Sentral, an ETS Silver service to Seremban, or a KTM Komuter train to Seremban.

If you choose Komuter or ETS you would have to take a KTM intercity train to get to your final destination at Gemas.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


We know of no serious plans for rail service to Kuala Selangor in the future. At this time we note that bus operators are cutting back on bus services there.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

hi,how to go to amcorp mall at pj from klang by ktm?which station should i stop and maybe continue take another bus to amcorp mall pj?your feedback will be very much usefull for me.thank you.
from Lainy.

Why at Kuala Selangor never plans for KTM project. In past few years 1915 the railway tracks already have. Why never update for community. The public service was very poor. The Kuala Selangor city is one of the tourist places in our country

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From KTM Putra which station nearest to Serdang Hospital and is there a bus to Serdang Hospital from the nearest KTM.

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