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Bus system improvements to include a little bit of London and a little bit of Kelantan?

TRANSIT took note of this very interesting interview in the NST with SPAD CEO Mohd Nur Kamal, discussing the bus transformation plan and proposals for implementation of improved bus services. It is interesting to note that SPAD is learning from London and will be applying their knowledge in Kelantan. Bus system to go London style? […]

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No bus for you Kelantan! Well, 11 fewer buses than before!

TRANSIT took note of more news of more CityLiner bus services shutting down. This time, 11 bus routes in Kelantan have stopped operating, as discussions between CityLiner and the state government which began in November 2011 were not able to reach a solution – despite the state government’s offer of RM400,000 over 4 months. Cityliner […]