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My City Moves Me (the Art of Public Transport)

TRANSIT members have always felt that public transport was more than just engineering and technology. We have always believed that transport itself was about communications – bringing people and ideas together.

Public transport is often mundane and frustrating for some people but for others it can be a great source of inspiration.

This video by Kristopher Grunert is one example of how inspiring public transport can be.

For more info about public transport culture, visit our Info & ideas page (scroll to the bottom).

How does your city move you?

2 replies on “My City Moves Me (the Art of Public Transport)”

Are those tracks of Mark II trains, similar to the trains for Kelana Jaya line? Interesting to note how the pillars and viaducts leaves much less visual impact on its environment.


Vancouver was the second city to purchase the Bombardier ART Mark II trains, after Kuala Lumpur. They also have a fleet of Mark IIa trains.

Im not sure how Bombardier is designating the new 4-carriage trains purchased by Prasarana.

As for visual impact, the Greater Vancouver Area has a design panel that reviews all projects and ensures minimum visual impact on the environment.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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