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If tearing down an expressway can reduce traffic congestion, what would a few bus lanes do?

The Infrastructurist Blog has a very interesting post on what can happen to traffic congestion when expressways are actually removed – in many cases it just goes away! Huh?! 4 Cases Of How Tearing Down A Highway Can Relieve Traffic Jams (And Save Your City) The post cites examples of the Cheonggycheon highway in Seoul […]

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Updates #63

Updates #63 1. Article: NGOs: Expect more deadly bus accidents (Malay Mail) – NGOs called for long term solutions, not knee-jerk reactions to tackle bus accidents. This was in response to the CVLB’s suspension of licenses owned by the companies involved in the recent Genting Sampah (Syarikat Taipan Suria MM2H Sdn. Bhd.) and Sg. Ampat […]

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Finger-pointing officials still clueless on fatal bus crashes!

TRANSIT finds it unbelievable for a government official to indirectly deflect the responsibility of bus accidents such as the recent Genting Sempah bus crash which killed 7 people, mostly teenagers, squarely on the bus drivers, and even on the end-users!