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Updates #94

Updates #94

1. Hotline Story: Factory bus jam: They are parked outside apartments all day, says resident (The Malay Mail, 13 July 2011)

2. Article: 1 massive jam: Residents frustrated by chaotic traffic at 1 Utama (The Malay Mail, 13 July 2011)

3. Article: No Booking! (Streets-NST, 13 July 2011)

4. Article: Origami-inspired folding bikes (The Star, 13 July 2011) –

5. Article: Residents stage protest over poor bus service (The Star, 15 July 2011) – 150 residents of Bandar Selasih Jaya in Johor Baru staged a peaceful demonstration over the inefficient transportation system in the area.

6. Letter: Limo service below par (The Star, 17 July 2011) – Zari Malaysiana of PJ complains about KLIA Limousine service.

7. Letter: High speed train will move economy (The Star, 18 July 2011) – Esa Adam of Subang Jaya writes on the proposed high speed rail.

8. Letter: Provide stats on errant taxis (The Star, 18 July 2011) – S. Ragunathan of PJ wonders about the statistics from the LPKP & SPAD regarding reports of violations by commercial vehicles.

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